If you have been looking to buy projectors either for your home or office, you’ll prominently notice two different technologies i.e. 3lcd vs dlp. Now with brands boasting the benefits of having either technology in their projectors, you may find it difficult to compare and choose between the two variants. In this article, we will dive deep into the features of both so you could make an informed decision according to your needs.


What is a 3LCD projector?

3LCD vs DLP Projectors

These projectors use high intensity lights that travel through various shifting pixels. Not just one display, but there are three which suggests the name 3LCD projectors. As the beams of light moves through the three LCDs, it is divided into three hues. As a result, it is combined into prism to produce sharp and clear image.

What is a DLP Projector?

DLP or Digital Light Processing technology uses a chip developer Texas instrument, it combines microscopic mirrors and a spinning color wheels that direct the light to form images that are true to nature with a great amount of saturation.

3LCD Vs DLP – Projectors for home theatre

When it comes to buying a projector for a home theatre setup, one of the most crucial factors that influence the decision of purchase is the projection technology one should opt for a projector with as per one’s purpose of use. On 3LCD projectors, light output is usually higher than DLP projectors.

Meanwhile, more saturated and vivid colors are generated by 3 LCD projectors than DLP projectors. As a result, 3LCD projectors do not have the rainbow effect and that is because they do not use an optical illusion. Whereas in DLP projectors, rainbow effect is not visible to everyone but some. 

3LCD Vs DLP – Brightness

3LCD vs DLP Projectors

Considering how we’ve been conditioned to watch movies and shows on a TV that is super bright, it’s understandable that you’d want this same brightness from a projector. Now the first thing to consider is the screen size, e.g. a 2000 lumen projector will be really bright while producing images on a 9- inch screen, however, if you want a 140-inch screen the image will be considerably darker.

The 140-inch screen will look perfectly fine in a dark room but if you want it in your living room or somewhere with a lot of light you may need to go with a smaller screen. With a 3LCD projector, you get a brighter projector for the given lamp output or wattage. Additionally, if you’re displaying 3D content, a 3LCD projector produces much brighter displays compared to what the DLP is capable of.

3LCD Vs DLP – Gaming

Reaction time and input lag are super important when it comes to gaming. In this regard, gaming projectors can’t compete with gaming monitors, but they do perform better than TVs. For optimal performance, enable gaming mode as input lag can be rather high in standard modes. For all the gamers out there who dig the projector screen experience, DLP is the way to go without a doubt. With their superior reaction times and sharper fast-moving images, DLP projectors are the clear winners here.

3LCD Vs DLP – Contrast

DLP Projectors offer amazing picture quality with images of good contrast.  There’s a limited space available between the pixels because of which, the final image of a DLP projector comes out sharper. Light loss on a DLP projector decreases and the light output increases because of the mirror used in DLP projectors. In earlier days, LCD projectors faced issues of higher black levels and low amount of contrast ratio in comparison with DLP projectors.

However, many modifications has been made in both LCD projection technology and dynamic irises technique which has resulted in great performance. The con of this technology is that colors and the brightness start fading with time.

3LCD Vs DLP- Movies

3 chip DLP projectors are available for high-end home theatres and commercial applications including digital cinema projectors. The LCD projector is highly efficient in light and has amazing colour saturation. A brighter image is produced by LCD projectors with same amount of projector wattage.

3LCD vs DLP Projectors

3LCD Vs DLP- Home cinema

DLP projectors are amazing friends of road warriors as they are smaller and lighter than LCDs. Only a small amount of light passes through LCD panels, the images produced by DLP are more in contrast and darker, although this feature is only beneficial in dark rooms. DLP projectors degrade less while LCD projectors break down over time.

3LCD Vs DLP- Which is better?

The gradation on the 3LCD is comparatively smoother than that of DLP. Data shows that 3LCD systems use 23% less energy than DLP projectors. 3LCD uses 3 LCD panel chips (hence the name) responsible for its image generation system that can rival even a three-chip DLP projector. LCD projectors are affordable. Ona super-bright, on the other hand, single-chip DLPs have better contrast than 3LCDs until you’re dealing with 2K or 4K resolution video.

There’s a simpler light path to DLP too, so it’s less prone to internal dust or optical misalignment in comparison to the 3LCD. A single-chip DLP projector has a moving, spinning color wheel that can fail because any moving part will get worn down over time.3LCDs or LCDs, in general, are projectors that are more prone to internal dust that destroys its image projection. Its light path is also more complex, which can lead to optical misalignment


DLPs have become the popular choice for home theaters as well since all LCDs require filter cleaning or replacement from time to time, as a rule of thumb, the 3LCD projector is the superior entry-level display device for rooms with ambient light you can’t control or turn off. For more controllable ambient light, DLP has more benefits compared to any LCD projector. This is all about differences between 3lcd vs dlp projectors.


1. What is better for home, theatre TV or projectors?

Ans) According to many people, they prefer projectors over the home theatre as projectors are more affordable than home theatre.

2. Which is more affordable 3LCD or DLP projector?

Ans) DLP is cheaper than 3LCD, hence it is more affordable.

3. 3 LCD or DLP which one has more run time?

Ans) 3LCD projectors have more light output, hence they have more run time than DLP.