These days business projectors have become much more advanced. They have multiple features to help you in your presentation. While you choose the best business projectors, here are the 5 must-have features that you must look for in them.

  1. Short Throw Or Ultra-Short Throw Feature: While you choose a business projector it is important to find out if it has either a short throw or ultra-short throw feature. Generally, you do not require a long throw projector for business reasons. A short-throw projector is the perfect one. You can either place it closer to the screen in case of an ultra-short throw or even attach it to the ceiling.
  2. Multiple Connectivity Options: Features for connectivity are the next most important things to determine. Apart from HDMI cable connectivity, it is important that the business projector has other wireless connectivity too such as Bluetooth. Bluetooth makes sharing the projected content on different devices much easier. Having wifi connectivity feature is also another a must to have in business projects. In addition to that it must be easy to connect to.
  3. Good Resolution: A business projector is generally operated in ambient light conditions. So, it must have high lumens so that the projected image is bright and clear. While checking the resolution it is also important to ensure the color, contrast levels and aspect ratio are perfect for daylight viewing and clarity.
  4. LED Lights: The business projector must have LED lights. Halogen bulbs get heated easily and do not last long. So, it is important to have LED lights to sustain longer meeting sessions.
  5. Portability: Business projectors need to be lightweight and portable so that if needed you can carry them outdoors comfortably.