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There is no doubt about the fact that most modern-day projectors come having LED lamps because it has many benefits to offer. Here is the list of benefits that LED lamps have that shall keep you educated while you pick the best LED for halogen projectors.

The Benefits Of LED Lamps For Halogen Projectors
  1. Energy Saver: One of the biggest benefits of LED lamps is that it remains much cooler compared to halogen bulbs even after long hours of usage. This is because it consumes less power. And due to this, the internal temperature of the projector remains within control. This leads to a thermal solution and lesser operation of the inbuilt projector fan to cool the temperature. So, indeed LED lamp is an energy saver. But this is never the case with halogen bulbs. The halogen bulb gets heated more quickly and consumes more energy during projection.
  2. Safer And Cooler: Since the LED lamps remain cool so they put less stress on the lens of the projector too. This is why along with more brightness, lenses of projectors with LED lamps cuts down on the chances of degraded or distorted projections for years. It is also much safer to use LED lamps in projectors as these lamps do not have the scope of getting overheated and bursting and in the process damaging the projector lens too. 
  3. Longer Life: LED projector lamps has a much longer lifespan. It does not have filaments like the halogen bulbs which break easily at the slightest jerk or overheating. Most LED lamp life is of 30,000 hours. This means even if you use the projector for eight hours a day, it will still easily last at least ten years. But, projectors having halogen lights require a replacement frequently.
  4. Compact: LED lamps have a more streamlined and compact assembly. And this is why handling them is much safer. Even the lamp does not die quickly if you turn on and off the projector frequently. This is never the case when projectors have halogen bulbs in them. With such projectors, it is never advised to switch on and off frequently as it builds load on the filament and burns it out. After you switch off the projector bulb, you cannot turn it on again until two hours have passed and the bulb has cooled. 
  5. Greater Brightness: Indeed LED lamps bring more brightness in the projection than halogen bulbs. So the quality is always much higher.