Read about Benq th585 vs Optoma hd146x below.

The Benq th585 and Optoma hd146x are two of the most affordable projectors available in the market. However, to many people, Benq th585 may seem to be a much better option because it offers more number installation processes and the sound quality is also better. But the picture and video quality of Optoma hd146x is considered to be more premium than the other one. Let us do a comparison to get a better idea.



When we speak of Optoma hd146x vs Benq th585 in terms of resolution, both offer the same feature of 1920×1080.


The brightness of Optoma hd146x is more than that of Benq th585 when it comes to the comparison between Benq th585 vs Optoma hd146x. The former offers a brightness of 3600 ANSI while the latter one offers a brightness of 3500 ANSI.

Contrast Ratio

benq th585 vs optoma hd146x

While comparing Benq th585 vs Optoma hd146x, the latter one is much more ahead of its counterpart. The former has a contrast ratio of 25000:1 whereas the latter one only has a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

Input Lag

In Benq th585 vs Optoma hd146x, the input lag is the same for both of them, i.e., 16ms.

Installation Flexibility

The installation flexibility of Benq th585 is better than Optoma hd146x. The vertical lens shift of the former one is 10 percent. This helps the image to be in proper alignment with the screen and makes it relatively convenient to square the image.

Broader Connectivity-

While comparing Benq th585 vs Optoma hd146x, Benq th585 also gets an edge here. While Optoma hd146x only provides an HDMI port with an audio jack, the options in the case of Benq th585 are much more vast. It contains input and output for VGAs and PCs along with dual HDMI ports, a USB port, and an audio jack.

Audio Quality-

benq th585 vs optoma hd146x

The speaker of Optoma hd146x is also very weak when it comes to the comparison of these two types of projectors. The speakers are only of 3 watts and it is very small in size and basic in function. You will need to use an external speaker or maybe even a sound system to get a better result.

However, the speakers of Benq th585 provide a completely new and different experience altogether. The speakers are 10 watts and the frequencies are much more balanced. The audio quality is extremely good and there is no need to use an external sound system. Although it still lies on the thinner side, it still provides the best experience to an individual while playing a game, listening to music, or watching a video.


1. Which one to buy?

It depends on the user and what he is looking for. Every individual has their own choice and preferences. What may seem suitable to you, may not seem suitable to others. Both the types offer different options and features, out of which some are the same while the others are different. However, it is pretty clear by now, that both come with their advantages and disadvantages.