If you play games or want to indulge in large-screen entertainment activities, here’s the Best Gaming Projector Under 200 for you to take your small display to a larger screen at the most versatile and affordable cost. Buy this GooDee YG600 HD 230inch Projector to get a high-quality large display screen with advanced technology and easy to use interface for the best gaming experience.


Best Gaming Projector Under 200 – Buying Guide

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Gaming Projector Under 200

  1. Input Lag: For most gaming projectors when a controller button is pushed, the result lags and can can impact your game, so do check your Best Gaming Projector Under 200 does not have considerate input lagging.
  1. Frame Rate: While gaming when every single moment counts, you must not risk it with a low frame rate projector creating an unpleasant blurry mess on the screen. Don’t forget to check tis if you’re a fast paced gamer.
  1. Projector Brightness or Luminosity: Remember checking the luminosity levels, else you might end up with washed-out faded pictures which are difficult to comprehend. A projector with 2,500 or above lumens works well even in ambient light or something in a range of 1,500/2000 will do if you have darker shades in your room.
  1. Native Projector Resolution: For the best results while gaming, opt for true HD, maybe a projector with native 1080p resolution.
  1. Projector Refresh Rate: Look for that gaming projector that has a benchmark refresh rate, it will help you boost your gaming or 3D videos.

Best Gaming Projector Under 200 Review

1. GooDee YG600 HD 230inch Projector

best gaming projector under 200


The GooDee YG600, as per the Amazon reviews is by far the Best Gaming Projector Under 200, designed to be compatible with both cinematic and gaming experience with negligible input lags, great video resolution, and just the appropriate luminosity.


Brand: GooDee

Colour: Black

Hardware Interface: VGA, USB

Screen size: 44 – 230″

Brightness Rating: 6800 Lux

Controller Type: Remote Control

Warranty: 5-year limited


This is the Best Gaming Projector Under 200 that is easiest on the market to hook up with varied ports and connectivity options, rarely available in the gaming projectors of this range.


This Best Gaming Projector Under 200 gives the gamers the freedom to use it both indoors and outdoors with an exception of experiencing no faded views.


  • Screen size options: notch up the screen size from 44 inch to the large 230inch
  • Short throw distance: No need of large area for large screen view.
  • Built-in speakers for great sound quality.
  • High level of contrast, brightness and vividness to give sharp image quality.
  • Impressive video clarity
  • 5 Years Factory Support
  • Huge lamp longevity.


  • When set to largest screen size, image noise appears.
  • Hampered colour quality at times.

What’s New?

Savor the complete entertainment package and crystal clear audio experience while gaming with this upgraded GooDee model offering dual 3-watt inbuilt speakers

Why should you buy it?

If you’re willing to purchase the best gaming projector under 200, then this GooDee model can be worth the investment because with its 50k hours of lamp life you can rest assured of the longevity for more than a decade.

best gaming projector under 200


1. Is it good to play games using a projector?

Yes, it is an amazing experience.

2. How many years does a projector last?

This GooDee best gaming projector under 200, has a warranty of 5 years and the lamp life can last more than a decade depending on the usage.