These days more people are choosing to buy a home projector and catch up with their favorite show on the big screen. But do you know, you can use a projector for both movies and gaming as well.

These days home projectors are very advanced and so, some of the best projector for home has features for both watching movies and gaming as well. LED projectors with 4K resolution are the best ones for movies and gaming too. But there are a few factors too that you must keep in mind for choosing the perfect projector.

  • The Brightness Level: The brightness levels in a projector are determined by lumens. It is important or you to consider buying a projector that offers greater lumens. Greater lumens play a very important role when you are using them for gaming. If your room has a good source of ambient light then a projector with 3000 lumens shall make the perfect fit for both movies and gaming.
  • Ratio Of Contrast:The levels of contrast determine the black and white levels in the projector. a projector that offers a ratio of contrast of 5,000:1 is best suited for watching movies and gaming. A greater rate of RGBs is important too because it helps to process the images more vibrantly. A great color gamut is always a prerequisite for gaming. 
  • Lag And Inputs: Connectivity features such as Digital Visual Interface, HDMI cables, or various other components such as the VGA and USB are important to have in the projectors. It helps to establish connectivity between the projector and the television or the gaming consoles. Even though you cannot evade the lag in the response time of the projector but is very important to choose a projector that has the lowest lag. It is very essential for having an immersive gaming experience. A projector that supports the Fire Stick or the Roku Stick is best suited for this purpose.
  • Resolution:It is very essential that when you are buying a movie projector that you want to use for gaming as well, buy one that offers 4K resolution. A high resolution is very important to have while gaming. Even if you do not buy a 4K resolution projector you must ensure that the projector is offering at least 1080p. most games are 1080P and so this is a must requirement to have. 
  • Refresh Rates: If you are playing high-speed games then it is very essential for the projector to offer a great refresh rate so that you can easily switch between screens. A projector with a low refresh rate shall create a lag. This will make the operations slow and spoil the entire gaming experience.