Using a projector for watching movies outdoors is a brilliant idea. It can be both exciting and a great experience. But, can you do so? Yes, you can surely use your home projector for outdoor movies. But there are a few things to be kept in mind along with that. It is never a good idea to place a projector directly under the sun if you are taking it outdoors during the day. Likewise, it is also not a good idea to leave a projector outdoors the entire night. After every use, you must carry it back to the room just like you do for your other gadgets like a laptop or smartphone. 

But, there are some factors too that you must keep in mind at the same time. 

  • Using A Projector During The Day: Just like the way you cannot see anything on your smartphone screen when you are under the sun the same applies to projectors too. If you are watching movies outdoors during the daytime then make sure to place the projector and the screen in a shaded area. It is only then the projection shall be perfect.
  • Greater Amount Of Lumens: During the daytime even after keeping the projector in a shaded area for watching movies shall be not enough. You need to choose a projector that has higher lumens. Greater lumens shall try to cut down the light from the outside source and instead build high-intensity light in the projector. doing so, the throw of the image on the screen shall be much stronger developing clearer visuals. The projector must deliver at least seven hundred lumens if you are watching a movie in the daylight.
  • Using A Projector During The Night: Watching a movie outdoors on a projector during the nighttime is always a much better option but here too there are certain specifications to follow. Even though you are using it outdoors at night still the projector needs to have higher lumens. There will always be some light falling on the screen from the outside source. So, when a projector has higher lumens it cuts through the other light and projects the visuals clearly on the screen. You can easily get the best projector for home with higher lumens.
  • The Set Up Of The Projector: It is important that just like in the daytime, you must also be careful when you set a projector outside during the night. It must not be directly under the sky so that the chances of dew settling over it get cut down. Also, ensure that it is not kept close to the house or else it might reflect indoor lights or catch motion sensors of other gadgets in the house. It is also important that you fix a specific spot outdoors for setting up the projector