Projectors are optical devices that project large images on the screen. These are widely used devices used to organize display programs. Now, with every day’s evolving technologies, different types of projectors are present in the market, the two iconic projector types are- Epson 3200 vs 4010. See more about Epson 3200 vs 4010 below.


Features of Epson 3200-

Epson 3200 vs 4010 - Features of Epson 3200

The most exciting feature of this projector type is that the 4K content can be watched even if the resolution doesn’t match the 4K projector style, it happens because Epson 3200 projector uses pixel-shifting technology that implies doubling the on-screen pixels of the 1080p display.

The other feature of appreciation for Epson 3200 is the easy installation process and it also holds 1.62 x zoom along with keystone correction (horizontal and vertical) and lens shift feature on its list.

It has also a low input lag which indicates that it is suitable for gaming reference whether for online multi-player or other reflex-based games on modern platforms.

The connection panel of Epson 3200 stands strong, as it holds dual HDMI inputs and wireless network connectivity which enable convenience in the selection of media rooms and other multi-purpose spaces. It has a bright lamp which helps in indoor light levels and there is no requirement of extra lights to use it.

Also, 3 LCDs in Epson 3200 produce colorful images, backed by HDR technology along with wiping out the color and brightness-related issues and the detailed picture quality captivates the audience’s attention.

Features of Epson 4010-

Firstly, the projector type- Epson 4010 adds up a high level of picture-display performance that implies the dynamic iris technology and Epson Precision Lens present with the glass design used in the structure of the projector that offers good image contrast and elevates the graph of depth and realism of picture quality. Along with it, it enhances the focus and clarity of the graphics. It also holds a broader color gamut. Thus, without any this or that, it provides a fabulous picture display experience to the audience.

It contains a motorized 3- axis lens that provides wide lens shift and other zoom functions which replaces the horizontal keystone correction feature.

Epson 4010 projector type consists of a well-defined lens structure. It also holds an easy set-up procedure. One of the most exciting features of the Epson 4010 is that it has 10 lens memory presets which help in utilizing the projector for multiple room settings.

Epson 3200 vs 4010: Conclusion

Epson Home Cinema projectors always hold excellence on their list – performance-wise, features-wise, etc. Observing both mentioned projector types- Epson 4010 vs 3200, there is an evaluation that both have many similarities but also differ regarding features which add up to their style.

Both, Epson 3200 vs 4010 have 3 LCDs and use pixel-shifting technology in their working style. They both even have similar set-up procedures along with the same connection panel for input and outputs, but also differ in many features which are mentioned above in detail such as for brighter lamp, Epson 3200 is a good choice whereas for color and contrast Epson 4010 is being considered more.

Therefore, the choice between both projectors is to be made by the audience which is dependent on their requirement. Otherwise, both the projector styles are phenomenal in their styling and performance.

Epson 3200 vs 4010: FAQs

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