Within the various terms, the two projectors are the same. Simply because they simply enhance a bit and increase the cost of the projector to 300USD as well as 1000USD. See more about Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub below.

However, they have been enhanced, and they provide you with a far better experience in general. And I’m going to evaluate the two projectors which are Epson 6050 UB and 5050UB.

In a variety of terms, both are equivalent, just like both of them possess identical 2600 lumens. Plus, their lamp life is 35,000 hours, as reported by projector central. They have the same view of Lens and keystone changes. Their exterior physical appearance is identical. Just the shade is different. You will notice the menu keys on both projectors, as well as a power lens at the rear. And also the supply switch. So you can pick the input cable.

epson 5050ub vs 6050ub

The huge question is what exactly is the distinction between Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub. So must I update my 5050UB to 6050UB?


Which is better for gaming-Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub?

The figure a lot of gamers care about is input delay. This lets you know exactly how much delay there exists between your input on the controller and anything you notice on display. Although expert gamers search for something bad around 16ms, anything below 30ms is regarded as appropriate for competitive fast-paced video games such as first-person shooters.

The processing speed of a projector is essential in terms of video gaming, together with the input delay. You are going to get 18 GHz via HDMI along with the Epson 5050UB as well as the 6050UB. This enables you to get sixty frames per second for films or maybe even gaming and also stops blurring, compression along other image problems from harming your play. Know more about Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub.

Image Quality – Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub

Nobody is going to grumble if you see the picture that these Epson projectors create. Together with 2,600 lumens, graphics inside areas along with lamps switched on are fantastic. You do not have to have your theatre to take pleasure in the shows and films you see during the day or night.

The 10 -bit color processing technology ensures that the colors are going to be exact without any bleeding and fade. The color quality is even more enhanced by the vibrant 3LCD and iris chips. with the full HD resolution, almost all on-screen photos are absolutely clear and clear. Furthermore, the projectors have four K pixel-shifting technology.

The 6050UB does appear in front as a result of its better contrast ratio. While the Epson 5050UB features a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, the 6050UB boasts 1,200,000:1. Many individuals will notice the distinction, while other people won’t.

While comparing Epson 6050ub vs 5050ub, the Image Quality was boosted using the Epson 6050UB.

Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub

epson 5050ub vs 6050ub

The Epson 5050UB is not an extremely light projector. It weighs more than twenty-four pounds. So you need to plan exactly where it is going to be put in place. Because of its white casing, it can blend in with nearly all decorating styles, if this is an issue. Nevertheless, when you get it right away it is not hard to set up. Positioning pictures is a breeze due to the lens memory function.

Despite the ambient lighting, the picture quality is going to impress you. Crystal clear and brilliant images are created by the 2,600 lumens projector lamp. Using 10-bit processing technology, striking contrast creates clear whites and inky blacks, along with colors that are vibrant and real-life.

The 6050UB has numerous similarities with the 5050UB. Because the projectors belong to the very same product range as the 6050UB, only Epson makes a couple of enhancements on the 6050UB. Although it includes an additional projector lamp, the lights do begin to burn and have been changed. Additionally, you will discover a ceiling mount along with a protective cover that safeguards the connection cavity over the back.

While comparing Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub, the 6050UB complements the 5050UB uniformly when it comes to picture quality. It has the same 10-bit color processing technology along with lumens rating. The enhancement comes from the contrast ratio. Blacks tend to be somewhat deeper and whites tend to be brighter and more clear. Rather than a 1,000,000:1 ratio, the 6050UB boasts 1,200,000:1.


1. Can the Epson 5050UB be a real 4 K monitor?

The ones utilized with the 5050UB tend to be not associated with a native resolution of 4K. They utilize a method known as ” Four K enhancement” that shifts each pixel diagonally to increase the resolution, Epson stated. This is carried out fast, so it is a higher resolution picture to the eye.

2. Will the Epson 5050UB include memory for the holograms?

The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB (also referred to as the HC5050UB) is a four K capable projector which is filled with attributes and capabilities. For many of us, the encounter is improved considerably by utilizing our lens memory.

3. What must I do so I sort my Epson 5050UB?

You may either push the Lens button on the control board or maybe the center button on the handy remote control to open the center setting screen. To set the emphasis, hold and press the arrow keys on the handheld remote control and the projector’s control panel.