Are you in search of an HD projector that costs less than $1000? Epson makes a few projectors which can fulfil your needs. In this review, we will be looking at two of the most popular models, comparing the Epson 1080 versus the Epson 880, both of which include pretty impressive specifications for the point of price.

From a performance standpoint, the Epson model of Home Cinema 1080 will be the better option. Though, the Epson 880 isn’t without its advantages & can be regarded as an especially attractive choice for customers with a tight budget. Let us quickly look at the main places where they differ, so the customers can decide which model will be the best for them.


Epson 880

Epson 880

The Epson 880 comes under the market’s most affordable HD projectors, and this is the 1st of numerous points in favour. The picture is not just detailed and sharp, it is also colourful and vibrant. There is a chip design of 3LCD which displays the RGB colour signal’s full gamut. A fast processor helps limit blur, judder and lag, keeping images realistic and sharp no matter what happens on the screen.

The wide range of possible screen sizes and its lightweight design makes it a good option for people who wish to use their protectors inside or out. The setup features include one automatic correction of vertical keystone which analyses pictures for skewing. The versatile connectivity options include both type b and type USB inputs. 

Epson 1080

One advantage the users will enjoy with this Epson 1080 model is the wider range of options for connectivity. The rear panel of it is very robust, with options of five video inputs & one RCA input. It also supports Miracast, which opens up the content mirroring option right from your tablet or phone without any wired connection. This projector also has an easier setup. The throw distance of it is short for any standard-throw projector.

It also adds an optical zoom option with the automatic keystone correction in the Epson 880 model. The Epson 1080 does not disappoint when it comes to the quality of the picture. The colour is impressive with consistent hues and brightness across the screen. It also includes the contrast and resolution for a true picture HD, with the power of processing which keeps the picture smooth.

Epson Home Cinema 880 Vs 1080

Features Epson Home Cinema 880 Epson Home Cinema 1080
Resolution 1920×10801920×1080
Size of screen 320 inches, which is wide enough for most users 320 inches, which is very wide 
Distance of throwBetween 10 to 13.5 feet for the image size of 100 inchesAround 8.5 feet for an image size of 100 inches
Zoom 1.2x zoom which gives users more control over fine-tuning images after replacementFixed zoom
Brightness or lumens3300Slightly better with 3400 lumens 
Range of image sizeCan produce images that are up to diagonally 386 inches30 inches to 300 inches on the diagonal
ConnectivityUSB or HDMI inputs & an audio output of 3.5 mmTwo HDMI ports, options for RCA connections & one 15-pin input for computers
SpeakersMono 2.0 watts2.0 watts mono, but not very strong
Cost Affordable Higher cost
Ratio of contrast16,000:116,000:1


1. Does Epson 880 have Wi-Fi?

The Epson 880 model doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker or built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. So, for this model, users will have to buy a separate Bluetooth transmitter or Wi-Fi adapter.

2. Does Epson 1080 include a lens shift?

The model has the widest range of zoom lens is around 2.1:1. It allows users to place the projector’s front almost at 9.8 feet close & at 20.9 feet back using a 100-in diagonal 16:9 screen. The Epson model offers both vertical and horizontal lens shifts to improve things.

3. Are long-throw projectors better than short ones?

The long-throw projectors cost less than short-throw projectors. This is because the processing that is required for producing the image is way less. Also, these projectors have better stability and deliver images of high quality from wide ranges of surfaces, whether uneven or textured.

4. How to focus an Epson 880 projector?

You need to turn the projector on & display an image. Then press the lens button repeatedly on the control panel until the screen of focus adjustment appears. Or press the button to focus on the remote. Lastly, press & hold the buttons of the arrow on the control panel of the projector or remote control for adjusting the focus.