In daily lifestyle, projectors are seen in office meeting halls, conference meetings, and presentation halls, they also partner in movie time, home theatre programs, gaming time, etc. So, now let’s discuss the comparison between two iconic projector types- Epson ls100 vs ls300. See more about Epson ls100 vs ls300 below.

As stated above through examples, projectors are widely used in organizing big-screen programs, the 3LCD display technology used in the Epson projectors, makes them a preferred choice among people as it provides a bright display program experience to the audience wiping out the visual issues like a rainbow, brightness hotspots, etc. Keep reading to know about Epson ls100 vs ls300.

epson ls100 vs ls300


Epson ls 100

In this is 100 projector-type, the advanced image technology provides a superb bright laser that holds the capability to produce a fabulous display in any space. Secondly, the other image feature contained in this projector type is a digital zoom feature along with keystone correction (both vertical and horizontal) to fine-tune the image after projector attachment.

Then, this projector type also offers good connection facilities for external output attachments such as it has a connection panel that supports multiple HDMI, and USB ports for modern devices, it has composite, VGA, and network attachments. This wide range of input options facilitates the working of projector display on home theatre and gaming content.

One of the most important features that is sound system, Epson ls 100 contains that as an in-built single 16-watt speaker and it holds the capacity to be loud enough, as to be used for the sound system while organizing display programs, it works fine regarding included dialogue delivery in the programs.

Epson ls 300-

epson ls100 vs ls300

This is 300 projector-type, when the topic comes to picture quality, it holds a fabulous display presentation. The multi-array laser diode technology offers enough brightness and an impressive black density due to the exceptional texture and real effect of the graphics, which appeals to the audience for appreciation.

The throw distance provided by this projector type is shortest, which implies projecting large images from short distances. It can be also termed an Epson short throw laser projector as it is capable of forming images from a few inches away. It holds 2 HDMI ports for the content and consists of built-in wireless connectivity and also an Android interface which indicates that the content can be cast from android devices directly without any inputs. 

The observation, of the fine picture quality and the short throw distance of laser provided by this Epson projector, can be evident of offering the audience with the Epson short throw laser projector for a full HD display presentation experience. 

Thirdly, the sound system in this projector type is the Yamaha 2.1 speaker support which enables a good sound quality eradicating the requirement for external speakers. Still, if there is a need to attach an external sound system, optical audio output is also on duty in this projector.

Conclusion of Epson ls100 vs ls300

Therefore, above mentioned detailed view of the features and facilities provided by both the projectors, depict their superb display performance, but the decision to choose one of them is on the people according to their satisfaction and depending upon their requirements.

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