It surely feels very frustrating when a projector delivers blurry images. But do not worry as this is one of the most common issues faced by many. So, whenever it happens, follow these steps for improving the image quality.

  • Adjust The Focus Of The Projector: Every projector has a ring around its lens. it helps to adjust the focus of the projector and turn the image clearer. When you turn it, it either broadens or narrows down the image bringing clarity to the image. Also, check the distance between the projector and the screen. Make the needed changes required. And once you do that, you will find that the quality of the projected image has improved.
  • Clean The Lens: Sometimes dust settles over the lens when you are using the projector for a long time. It makes the image appear blurry, spotted, or even fuzzy. Get the lens of the projector cleaned. It shall automatically improve the quality of the image back again. These days, the best projector for home has a great quality lens. Sometimes the dust also gets blurry due to condensation. This means the moisture in the room has accumulated on the lens. Get it cleaned.

Along with cleaning the lens, it is important that you clean the projector screen too. Dust settles on the screen too, leading to a distortion in the image.

  • Adjust The Placement Of The Projector: Each projector requires to maintain a particular range of distance from the screen. If the projector is kept too close to the screen, the angle between the throw of the image to the screen shall get disturbed. This will result in the blurriness of the image. Move it back and forth to adjust the perfect angle and have a clear projection.
  • Make The Keystone Correction: Once you have placed the projector at an appropriate distance from the screen, adjust the height of the projector. this is known as the keystone correction. Make the appropriate horizontal and vertical shifts needed and adjust them accordingly. Make sure that the lens focuses on the center of the screen.
  • Correct The Resolution And Sharpness: The other two factors to ensure are adjusting the resolution and sharpness of the projector. Once you do it the image quality shall improve.
  1. Resolution: Each projectoris capable of delivering a certain level of resolution to the image. But this must match the resolution of the device it is attached to. Adjust the resolution in the pc with that of the projector to bring a clear image.
  2. Sharpness: it is the level of brightness and contrast in the image. Adjust the sharpness of the projector from its menu. This shall improve the image quality and make it clear.