You have come to the right place if you want to know how to connect your best projector for home to your streaming device. It will be nice if you use your smartphone to run the projector with different streaming devices. So let us first see how to connect your smartphone of yours to your projector. The steps are:

  1. Choose any streaming options like Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.
  2. Connect that streaming device to your projector of yours & to the same system of Wi-Fi as your phone.
  3. Now start streaming on your phone of yours &tap the particular icon for airplay, Chromecast, etc.

The process is very simple. But it will be different if your phone is not on the correct platform or if you wish to play games. For example, there can be Android mobile phones that may try to use Apple TVs. Depending upon what you want to stream, a few details are there that you should know. 

Connect a tablet or smartphone to a projector wirelessly

If you wish to control your projector of yours with a smartphone, the simplest way will be to pick 1 of the streaming-box solutions that are mentioned below. These are handy and small devices that can be mounted typically at the projector & then operated remotely through the smartphone. These devices may even include remotes. Two popular options in this category are discussed below.


Chromecasts have become very handy devices within the last year. The users can just pop them in their bags & carry them whenever they like. They can use them on their home televisions to avoid any type of set-top streaming boxes. They can even use Chromecasts to run their projects.

The users will be all good as long as their projectors include a USB that can supply the power of the Chromecast. The features & limitations of Chromecast are:

• The flexible compatibility of the Chromecast means that users can plug it easily into a port of HDMI & run It either from an Android or iPhone without having anything to worry about.

• Once the users hit the button Chromecast on their devices, the Chromecast will begin streaming & their phones will be open to operate. It will be a good solution for the users when they want to scroll &watch the things they wish.

• Although Chromecasts are very compatible with most services of streaming, they lack ways to take in sports broadcasts. If you include any dedicated applications for these services on your phone, Chromecast should be able to work. But the mileage may vary.

Apple TV

The Apple TV’s quality of the Software and hardware meets Apple’s standard of general non-bugginess and polish. That said, the users have to pay a good amount for this premium option.

It is not too costly compared to the price of the projector and your home theatre. The Apple TV includes many things to talk about. Some of these things are mentioned below.

• The Apple TVs include remote controls. If the users do not want to use those remotes, the effect of the ecosystem makes controlling the Apple TV boxes from iPhone very simple. 

• Again, if you are an iPhone user, you will get a little bonus here while using the Apple TV. You will find all your videos and pictures on your Apple TV. You can even try mirroring your iPad or iPhone screen onto your Apple TV, & thus, your projector.

• This option may prove to be the perfect solution for mobile gaming. The screen mirroring from an iPad or iPhone to Apple TV will be the best solution for Mobile gaming for any kind of wireless streaming kit.

• However, the mileage may vary if you possess an Android mobile device. Various Android applications have various control levels within the apps of Apple TV. So, you may use the controller which comes with your Apple TV for performing most of the output or input and navigation.