There is no better way than setting up the best projector for home to get massive images for incredible movie nights. But before popping popcorn& settling in for binge-watching your favourite movies, there are some things that you should know. Adjustment of some basic settings and proper placement will make the projector of yours look the best. It will work directly from its box. Below are some other things that you should understand about setting the projector up.


• Unbox everything

You need to unbox every item from the box of the projector to make sure you have got everything from a second remote to a Wi-Fi adapter. Remove the protective film too. It is significantly easier to operate the projector compare to men it is mounted or placed.

If you are going to put your projector on a table or stand, it will also be worth checking which feet of it are adjustable. Only a few feet screw in & out for most projectors, which may make proper adjustment of images a bit challenging.

If the projector includes multiple HDMI inputs, you need to check which ones are compatible with the videos you’ll send. If your system is compatible with 4K, see which input is capable of handling that. 

• Adjust the placement

Most of the projectors can usually fit screens of 100 inches from almost a distance of 10 feet. This can vary &it is important to check before you drill holes in the ceiling. The range of zoom is also limited with most projectors which means there’ll only be a few feet to fill screens of specific sizes. This info is found on the website of the manufacturer for a projector or in the manual.

If you plan on mounting the projector, make sure to get a stud. Also, if you plan to run the cable of HDMI through the walls or ceiling, check the codes of the local building. 

• Mind the heat management

Projectors are space heaters. They can throw an equal amount of light and heat out. If the airflow is not adequate, the projector may overheat & shut down. Users can significantly reduce the longevity of the lamp & even start a fire. Although the latter is not very likely, you should be extra careful.

Professional installers make fan-vented cabinets for their projectors. Also, different projectors include different designs of the fan. So,the way of handling will of course be different for different models. 

• Lessen ambient light

In a room, any light which is not created by your projector will reduce the quality of an image. Even if there is a fancy screen that rejects light, ambient light is not good & you have to take every measure to reduce it. 

You have to lessen the light in your room if you plan to watch television during the day. Even if the projector works fine during the day, the lamp will get dimmer as time passes.For this, you’ll need curtains for some years. So, it’s better if you get them now.

• Dial-in focus

Many projectors include manual focus adjustments that are either motorized or you need to use a wheel that’s attached to the projector’s lens. You may also find one which includes autofocus. With both options, it’s best to use bright images or images’ bright parts. You can also use the user menu. It typically includes bright lettering on dark backgrounds, which should help.