pixels you will see that it has 3840×2160. Professionally, the 4k UHD is called as 2K and 4K. The Resolution Of A Projector

Resolution is a very important aspect of a projector. It defines the quality of the image the projector will display. Are you wanting to know how is the resolution expressed in a front projector? Get the answer here as you read through it.


What A Resolution Means For A Projector

The resolution happens to be the number of pixels or dots that are used for displaying an image.    More number of pixel means a greater resolution to an image leading to a clean and crisp projection. It is always expected that the resolution must be high for texts, graphs, charts, and videos so that the details are neatly visible.

The Way By Which Resolution Is Expressed In Front Projector

Through different ways, a resolution is expressed in a front projector. A combination of 1920×1200 means that horizontally 1920 dots are present over 1200 vertical dots. So, this in total rounds up to 2,304,000 dots over the image on the screen.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Resolution

While you are choosing the resolution for your business or home projectors, there are a few factors that need consideration for bringing delicacy and detail to the image that is being presented. The factors have been discussed below.

  • Business Projector: These projectors are not too simple as it is used for different purposes. So, making use of its versatility, you can select from different resolutions that suit your purpose. In visual multimedia, an aspect ratio of 16:9 is used mostly but during a PowerPoint presentation, an aspect ratio of 4:3 is practiced more. Also, a business projector is more appropriate in XGA, XGVA, WUXGA, WXGA, 4K, and 1080p resolution.
  • Home Projector: The popular aspect ratio in the case of home projectors is 16:9. So, keeping this in view, the two resolutions for consideration are 4K UHD and 1080p. these resolutions are perfect for meeting cable feed, streaming of content, and satellite feed too.

Different Resolutions In Projectors

  • SVGA: This was the earliest standard of resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 800×600 pixels.
  • WXGA: In it, you will get an aspect ratio of 16:10 with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. It comes mostly with wide-screen images.
  • XGA: Its aspect ratio of 4:3 also guarantees a pixel resolution of 1024×768. It is an advanced version of the SVGA.
  • WUXGA: This brings a resolution of 1920×1200, covering the 16:10 aspect ratio.
  • FHD: Also known as Full HD because of its resolution of 1080p or a pixel of 1920×1080. It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • 4K UHD: As of date, this is the highest resolution that you can get in the market. If you check its