If you are looking for the perfect projector for your home this article will help you understand a very basic yet important aspect of a projector: lumens. How many lumens is good for projector is a question many people have when they are comparing specs and looking for the best model for the best projector. In this article, we will break it all down for you and help you make an informed decision about your purchase.


What are lumens?

Lumens help measure the brightness of the image produced by a projector. ANSI lumens produce a more realistic rightness scale but that’s never a guarantee. A projector has three main light sources those being Led, laster and lamp. Lamp projectors normally run at a minimum of 2000 lumens while laser ones can easily give a range of over 3500 lumens with the right equipment.

how many lumens is good for projector

How many lumens is best for a projector?

Buying TVs and buying projectors are not the same. When you go to pick a TV at a showroom you know it’s going to be the same quality-wise back home as well. The same is not true for projectors. Projectors are space and ambience dependent.

The distance and ambient lighting both play an important role in how bright your lamp should be. Now let’s address ambient lighting because it is the most important factor. If you are going to use your projector in a completely dark room, and by completely dark we mean a movie theatre kinda dark, a lamp of your 1000-1200 lumens should be enough to produce good quality. Note that even some filtered sunlight can wash out the image and deteriorate the quality. If you have a room with a few lights on and font want to ruin the picture quality a brighter lamp is the right choice, ANyting around 2000 lumens will be good enough to withstand standard room light or some sunlight even. For fully lit bright places you will need a projector will over 3000 lumens to do the trick.

How many lumens is good for a projector?

When picking a projector there are quite a few specifications to consider. The most important being its brightness. For a protector to produce true colours and present high quality the appropriate lumens for the throw distance and ambience is necessary, This is particularly important for people with home theatre systems. Before finalising a prkehctr you first need to understand the distance between the projector and the screen, the picture size and whether the lights will be on or off while you use the projector. These criteria will be handy to note for the perfect viewing experience. If your screen is 100”~120” in size, 2000 lumens is ideal for projection. If the lights of the room will be on or if there are bright sources in the room then go for a projector with 3000 or more lumens for clearer viewing.

How many lumens are good for a projector?

If you’re planning on shopping for a projector it’s important to note that a high number of lumens does not equal high picture quality. Many factors affect the performance of a projector. The 2 key factors are ambient light and screen size. When it comes to brightness, ambient light is of prime focus because when not controlled it can diminish the picture quality given off by a projector. Ambient lighting is any light that is already prevalent in any given place before any external addition of light, natural being coming through windows being the most perfect example, So spaces with lots of lights need higher brightness in a protector to deliver fine imagery. For home theatre rooms screens that measure between 92 inches and 119 inches and have little to no ambient light will need a projector will about 1300 lumens only. Rooms with little ambient light but with screen sizes going from 90 to 199 inches will need lumens ranging between 1500 and 3500. If the room however has quite a lot of ambient lihjjg then starting with a minimum of 4000 lumens would be ideal irrespective of the screen size.

how many lumens is good for projector


1. How many lumens is best for a projector

In a typical home ambience, you must ensure that you choose a projector rated below 3000 ANSI lumens. This will be perfect to project an 80” picture with little to no distortion. It’s worth remembering that with these projectors some effort needs to be placed on managing ambient light levels as well. If you wish to project large images then naturally you need a projector with a higher lumen count. This may increase the cost of the projector.