A Portable LCD Projector

Projectors have indeed become very important these days and if it is portable then, it is further convenient. Surely it may seem to be a little complex task if you are trying to find the size of a portable LCD projector. So, in this article how portable does the LCD projector have to be? will help you to know everything about it.

The Size Of A Portable LCD Projector

A portable LCD projector usually comes in a size that fits either in the pocket or the backpack very easily. This is the reason why many businessmen prefer to use it. The perfect size for a portable LCD projector is 4.7x 3 inches in width and 4×1.9 inches in length. These projectors also weigh very less too, limiting them to 10oz.

Features Of A Portable LCD Projector

There are certain features in a portable LCD projector that has been discussed here.

  • Weight And Size: The weight and size of a portable LCD projector are important components that need to be given special attention. Having said that it must also be remembered that the size of a portable projector varies in different brands. Even though the weight too is usually light but it differs in different brands.

On the whole, it is always smaller and lighter so that it is easier to carry while you are traveling. The lens of a portable LCD projector is always very sensitive and so it is important that you take care of it while traveling.

  • Brightness: The aspect of brightness in a projector determines the place it is suitable for use and when. A brighter projector is apt to be used in a brighter room and you shall also get a large image too. There is also another advantage when you are buying a portable LDC projector with greater lumens. You can also use it outdoors in your garden during dusk.
  • Resolution: Previously there used to be an issue with the quality of resolution in the projectors but no longer now. These days LCD projectors have higher resolution. It captures every detail with ease and delivers on the big screen for a more immersive experience. But it must also be remembered that you must choose the resolution based on the space you shall be projecting the video or image. If the display screen is smaller then, a higher-resolution projector shall not be able to justify your viewing experience. It will deliver blurred images.
  • Battery Life:  Usually the portable projectors run through batteries. The thing is that a bigger battery with greater brightness will never run as long as a smaller battery with a low level of brightness can. A completely charged battery of a portable LCD projector is capable of running somewhere between two to four hours. This aspect must be verified while buying. It is also important that you minimize your view of content. Content of great speed and resolution will consume more power.
  • Sound: The portable LCD projectors have built-in speakers. But all speakers are not capable of giving great sound or clarity. So, a check here is a must while buying.