Choosing the best LED lamp for your halogen projector may seem to look like a difficult task to perform but in reality, it is very easy to do so. All you got to do is to keep in mind a few factors while choosing the best LED for halogen projector and it shall be done.

Factors To Look For In The Best LED Lamp

  • Compatibility: This is the first thing to check when choosing the LED lamp for your projector. Not all LED lamps are compatible with every projector. So, while buying the LED lamp ensure that it is compatible with the projector you are using.
  • Wattage: Your current halogen projector uses a bulb that uses a fixed wattage. It is important for you to find out the wattage of the halogen bulb and match it while choosing the LED lamp. Since LED lamps save energy and do not heat up soon so a little difference in the wattage shall work. But if the wattage of the LED is way too high for the projector’s capacity, it will overheat the projector too soon. 
How To Choose The Best LED Lamp For Your Halogen Projector
  • Lumens: The brightness levels of LED lamps are measured in lumens. One of the main advantages of using an LED lamp instead of a halogen bulb in a projector is that LEDs have a higher number of lumens. This means that the projection shall be much brighter than halogen bulbs. But different LED lamps have different lumens. So, ensure the number of lumens the LED lamp has and ensure if it would deliver a brighter projection.
  • Duty Cycle: This is another important aspect to find while buying an LED lamp. Each LED lamp has a specific duty cycle. Generally LED lamps have a far higher duty cycle than halogen bulbs. Yet is important for you to know so that you can make a timely replacement when required.
  • Brand And Cost: There are a variety of brands of LED lamps for projectors and each has a different price too. Learning and verifying them is important to help you choose the best one within a reasonable budget. Buying a  good brand is always an assurance that the LED lamp shall complete its duty cycle.