Do you know how to get sound from projector to speakers? Well, many issues could potentially get in your way. There could be many problems from configuration issues to cables or loose connections. Let us address them now and help you fix them as well!


How to Get Sound From Projector to Speakers?

You may need several attempts and do some trial and error fixes to get your sound up and running smoothly if you are stuck. Here is a list that could help you rectify any issue that may pop up.

how to get sound from projector to speakers
  1. Check the connection. Disconnect and reconnect the cables that connect the audio/video source to the projector, and make sure each cable is securely connected. Connect all the cables to your speakers and repeat this process. If the connection is loose or misplaced, the projector will stop producing sound.
  2. Check the connection type. If the connection type between the projector and an audio/video source such as a laptop is VGA, there will be no sound. If you connect one video RCA cable or three RGB RCA cables to the projector, there will be no sound without an audio/video source. If you use a VGA or RCA cable for your video, you will need an additional optical audio cable or  3.5mm audio cable to send the audio. For RCA cables, you need to use RCA cables to send audio to the left and right channels.
  3. Get a new cable and replace it with the old one. The cable connecting the audio/video source to the projector can be damaged and affect the sound. If the damaged cable sways or sways, the audio will be interrupted many times. Check your audio input device. If the projector is connected to your laptop or computer, select the correct audio output and make sure you haven’t accidentally shut down your system and turned down the volume to the minimum.
  4. Check the volume of the projector. Of course, if you turn down or mute the protector, you won’t hear anything.

How to get sound from projector to speakers (Bluetooth)?

If your projector has bluetooth support, you can easily pair your speakers to your projectors. Switch on the bluetooth of your speaker and the projector and go to pairing mode. Select your device name which is usually the model name of the device from the available device list and voila! Your projector is now connected to your speaker and you can enjoy louder and higher quality sound.

How to get sound from epson projector to speakers?

To improve the sound of your projector and experience a more loud audio performance you can connect your epson projector to an amplifier with speakers.

If you send audio out from the speakers that are external when the projector is off, you will have to select the option of Always On as the A/V Output setting in the projector’sExtended menu. Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. If necessary, make sure the video source is connected to the projector with audio and video cables.
  2.  Find a suitable cable to connect your external speakers. B. Stereo mini-jack cable.
  3.  Connect one end of the cable to the desired speaker.
  4. Just connect the stereo mini-jack side of the cable to the audio output port of the projector and you’re done.

How to get sound from projector to speakers?

There are many ways to ensure that the audio from your projector is correctly transmitted and to do so you may need to fix certain issues in case you are facing problems with sound in your projector. Here’s a quick checklist for you:

  1. Check the audio output settings of the projector. If the projector has a source button, press it. If not, use the projector-specific procedure to output the correct audio source to the speaker.
  2.  Check the volume of the speaker.
  3.  Check the speaker input settings.
  4.  Check for software updates.
  5.  Check for radio interference. The connection between the projector or speakers is wireless, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Then remove all possible sources of interference.


1. How to get better sound from projector?

There are many reasons why your projector could be having very low volume. Given below are a list of points you could follow to fix this issue:

  • Check the volume of the projector and turn it up if low
  • Check audio input to ensure it is correct
  • Check for loose connection of cables and adapters and fix it
  • Connect to external speakers
  • Use a headphone amplifier