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Installing an LED lamp in a halogen projector can be both challenging and easy at the same time. A halogen projector uses a different circuit. So, it is advised that you take professional help to make changes in the circuit and motherboard of the halogen projector and make it compatible with LED lamps. Then find out the wattage of the halogen bulb the projector use and what shall be the appropriate wattage for the LED lamp for replacement. Once you get the best LED for halogen projectors, follow the steps mentioned below for installing the LED lamp.

Steps To Install A LED Lamp In A Halogen Projector

How To Install LED Lamps In Halogen Projectors
  • Arrange the necessary tools such as a screwdriver for removing the panel and a soft cloth.
  • Under the projector, you will find the lamp compartment. Remove its door by removing the screws using the screwdriver. 
  • Bring out the lamp assembly and get the power cord disconnected which is attached to it.
  • Using a soft cloth clean the lamp compartment of any dust which has got settled in it.
  • Attach the new lamp with the power cords in the lamp assembly. Then place the new lamp in the compartment. Make sure the orientation is similar to how the previous lamp was. Any changes in it shall not make the lamp function.
  • Pub backs the compartment door and screw its four sides like before. Ensure that it is not too tightly screwed.
  • Ensure to reset the timer of the lamp.
  • Plug the projector into the mains and switch it on. Stream some content to ensure it is working fine. Adjust the brightness and contrast levels too.