These days especially after the pandemic, having remote team meetings has become easier to conduct through the help of business projectors. In the best business projectors, you will find features that simplify connecting and conducting meetings very easily. In the section below are the steps for setting up and using a projector for remote team meetings.

Steps In Setting UP And Using A Projector For Remote Team Meetings

  • Ensure that the projector is connected to an internet network
  • Connect the mouse to the USB port of the projector

Step 1: Install The Meeting App:

Before you begin with anything, get the meeting app downloaded and installed on your computer. There are various meeting apps that are useful such as Google Meet, Zoom, Team Viewer Meeting, and many more.

Step 2: Connecting The Webcam To A Peripheral Device:

To set up the projector for the remote meeting, connect the webcam to one of the USB ports of the projector. Also, connect external speakers too so that it brings an audio boost. Using a USB hub shall serve the purpose of both the webcam and external speakers in it.  the hub shall even enable you to connect the keyboard or other accessories as per your need.

Step 3: Beginning The Remote Team Conference:

After going to the home page of your meeting app, select the meeting button. Create a meeting and send the ID link to the participants. Turn on the mic and video options on the link and it shall get it connected with both the webcam and external speakers. You will see that a small icon of the webcam stream shall appear on the window of your computer signifying that it is connected. Adjust the volume and begin the meeting.

Step 4: Adjusting The Projector And Webcam:

As the meeting begins on the meeting app, you will find the visuals of the participants appearing on the projector’s screen. Make adjustments to the projector and the webcam if the angle needs to be rectified. You can even use keystone settings on your project for correcting the angles if needed.

Once the meeting is over either click the mouse or the back button of the projector. A popup with the word Leave written shall appear. Upon clicking that the participants shall get logged out of the meeting.