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Interactive mind maps and concept maps are largely been used in modern-day teachings in various educational institutions. This concept is both engaging and effective for students in developing their interest in lessons and overall reasoning skills. These days with the help of the best projectors for classroom, teachers are using this technique for preparing their lessons and teaching.

The Role Of projectors In Creating Interactive Mind Maps And Concept Maps

  • The Objective Of Interactive Mind Maps: It aims to present visual content while teaching so that it creates excitement and alertness in the minds of the students for understanding and memorize the lessons more efficiently. Through mind maps, less written content and more visual content such as symbols, lines, keywords, images, and color are used. This is a much more brain-friendly concept for understanding the lessons more easily. It opens the possibilities of interactive sessions and discussions in the class between the students and the teacher leading to greater participation.
  • The Objective Of Concept Maps: Through the application of concept maps the notes are prepared through visual representations. Charts, graphic representations, flowcharts, and diagrams are used for helping the students learn visually. Both the concepts of mind maps and visual maps combine while preparing a lesson. Research says that the mind is more accepting when there is less theory and more graphical representations of anything thing. This same concept I being applied by teachers in preparing class lectures these days.

Here, classroom projectors play a very important role for both students and teachers. The teachers are taking the help of more visual aids in preparing the lessons instead of writing them in text form on the board. They are preparing the lessons in a more graphical form including slides, images, video, and short bullet points, and using projectors and smartboards while presenting them to the class. This not only is helping th students to develop more attention span towards lessons but also makes them absorb the lessons more easily and developing an interest. Teachers are also sharing the projector screen with the digital devices of the students making the learning further engaging and productive.

Classroom projectors are playing big support for students too. They are making their presentations through PowerPoint and present them in front of the class. This is leading to conducting different group activities in the classroom, debates, discussions, and quizzes amongst the students over the lessons leading to more effective learning.