See How to watch TV on Projector here. If you are preparing your home theatre system, you probably want it set up not just to watch movies, but to be able to screen all your favorite programs and shows. Can a projector be used to watch regular TV? There are a few things to consider and best practices for how to watch TV on projector. While considering using a projector as opposed to a big TV screen for your home theatre, you must first study your room and check for feasibility.


How to watch TV on Projector Screen?

The main concern is if your room has enough space to allow comfortable viewing distance from the screen and to mount the projector screen. While most may have a whole empty wall to allow a projector screen to be placed, it is important to have enough distance from the screen for seating and this is what may be a challenge for most.

how to watch tv on projector

The other main aspect of your room is how dark it can be made. Do you have provisions to cut out ambient light and reap the full benefit of using a projector for all your viewing needs? In terms of an actual TV, ambient light does not play a role. You can watch great picture quality in the middle of the day. I for one had to make several changes to my living room when I was considering how to watch TV on my projector screen.

Once you have sorted these two aspects of your room and found conditions conducive to a projector, comes the question of how to watch TV through a projector.

How to set up a projector to watch TV?

To watch regular TV you are going to need some additional equipment. Firstly you will need a cable box or TV tuner which is usually something in-built in a TV but missing in a projector. This is necessary to catch airwaves that can then transmit regular TV. The other consideration is sound. You will want a device to be connected to the projector for sound since in-built capacities are pretty poor and defeat the purpose of building a home theatre system.

If you are going to be using streaming apps you will need a device for streaming like a Firestick or you may have a projector that has this capability. You will also need to subscribe to the streaming app. You will need to connect your device through the HDMI slot on the projector. In general, connecting cables will be the easiest part of setting up your projector.

Mounting your Projector

Mounting your projector is going to be a crucial part of setting up. The projector can be mounted on the ceiling or set on a tabletop. Mounting on the ceiling avoids unnecessary movement of the projector, keeping it with cables, out of the way and out of sight. But as a more permanent spot, it is difficult to remove and move around or change cables when required. On a tabletop, while maintenance of lens or cable changes may be easier it can come in the way and maybe unnecessarily moved where constant adjustments need to be made before the screening.

how to watch tv on projector

Type of Projectors to consider for a TV

Another important aspect of using a projector for regular TV viewing is the number of hours on average that it will be used including continuous running time. A projector that uses a lamp may not be conducive to long hours of continuous running and will need replacements fairly often. So for TV viewing, you will want to consider a projector that uses LCD or LED. LED is the best in terms of quality and durability but only if your room is dark since it emits lesser light than an LCD. An LCD can work well for TV viewing and is cheaper.


1. How to watch TV on Projector without cable box?

You can use Direct Connect Devices that can be connected very easily. Google Chromecast can be connected even through your phone or tablet. Amazon’s Firestick and Apple TV are also similar. You will need to check streaming apps available and make sure you have a subscription to the services you want to use.

2. How can I watch TV on my Projector?

Connect the cable box to the projector using the HDMI cable.