The resolution has a great role to play in projectors and it is no different for short-throw projectors as well. While choosing the best short throw projector it is important that you understand the impact of resolution on it. It will help you to choose the perfect one for your needs.

The Resolution And Its Impact On A Short Throw Projector

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that are used by the short-throw projector while projecting the image. The higher the resolution, the crisp and cleaner shall be the projected image. Different combinations determine the resolution of the image.

There is often a misconception amongst many users that a resolution is not much effective for short-throw projectors because these projectors are placed closer to the screen. The concept of distance that applies here is the scaling of the image and not the resolution. Resolution refers only to the clarity and quality by which the image shall be projected. But again the scaling of the image too must be according to the resolution of the projector to get the perfect image.

No matter whether you buy a short throw projector for home use or business use either a 4K resolution or at least a resolution of 1080P is a must to have. 4K resolution is the highest resolution offered in the market presently amongst various other resolutions and is preferred by many users. It has more than eight million pixels in it and so adds an immersive experience to the visuals delivering it with greater depth and density. 4K resolution pulls up every aspect of the image very clearly and so it is highly preferred by both home users and also by corporates. The 1080P is also a great option and offers more than two million pixels.

So, indeed resolution has a deep impact on short-throw projectors and it is always advised to choose a short-throw projector that offers the maximum resolution.