Traveling salesman does not have exclusive access to the greatest tiny projectors. Micro projections are small, portable devices that include video high-definition video everywhere you go.  To gather the best experience here is Kodak Luma 75 vs 150 analysis that will help you choose the best.

You may bring your leisure into the patio and enjoy your favorite programs beneath the sky, or you could just set up an impromptu play table for both you and the pals. No issue where you are, you can simply share personal photographs, vids, and the newest movies. See more about Kodak Luma 75 vs 150 below.


Factors That Depend During Kodak Luma 75 vs 150 vs 350

Kodak Luma 75 vs 150


A lumen seems to be a measuring device for the intensity of illumination. According to ViewSonic, a light produces 14 lumens, whereas a sunset produces 400 brightness. The lumens on a sweltering summer year were 100,000. Read on to know about Kodak Luma 75 vs 150.

For homes and offices and other settings with little concept of adaptive, projectors with 200-500 brightness ANSI would suffice. ANSI recommends a minimum of 2000 brightness for multiple halls and lighted regions. Mini lasers are incapable of producing such intensity.

Resolution Difference: Kodak Luma 75 vs 150

The amount of pixels that a projection can show is referred to as quality. The greater the number, therefore more exact the image. Although comprehensive 1080p & 4And Little gadgets are accessible, mini-projectors normally have a resolution of 420p to 720p, which is referred to as HD prepared. Such sizes can nevertheless offer an appealing graphical fidelity provided combined with appropriate brightness and a strong sufficient brightness.

Kodak Luma 75 vs 150: Ratio of Contrast

The contrasting factor is the proportion of both the clearest and deepest regions of a picture. The purest whites in a picture are 15,000 percent lighter than the deepest blacks, resulting in a picture quality of 15,000:1. Contrast proportions leave photos seeming bleached out and uninteresting, but better contrast levels enable more depth and authenticity.


How a projection accepts input is determined by the data received from connectors. The bigger the number of connections accessible, the more versatile it is.

Compact are more likely to maximize the most prevalent and hence most helpful feature is part, such as HDMI, SDHC, and USB Type-A. Some versions have included Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which may be used to reflect the display of a computer or smartphone.

Throwing Distance

The length here between projectors and the display is referred to as the throwing distance. A singular projector may give an impression from a variety of ranges, with the nearest range producing a smaller picture and the farthest range producing a bigger image. 


The purpose of landmark rectification, also known as keystone, is to fix skewed pictures so that they seem straight. If a projection picture is not properly adjusted, one side can look larger than the other. Pictures can warp for a variety of causes, along with an irregular projecting area or an off-center projector.

Kodak Luma 75 vs 150 vs 350

ParametersKodak Luma 75Kodak Luma 150Kodak Luma 350
Brightness30 ANSI Lumens60 ANSI Lumens200 ANSI Lumens
Supported Resolution1080pixel4K4K
Display techDLPDLPDLP
Projection Size80”150”150”
Keystone CorrectionYesYesYes
SystemAndroid OSLinuxAndroid OS
MirroringMobile-screenMiracast AirplayDLNA, Miracast
InterfacesHDMI, USBUSB, HDMI, microSD, AudioUSB, HDMI, audio jack

Why Amongst Kodak Luma 75 vs 150 vs 350, Choose Kodak Luma 350

Good Image Resolution Would Be Exceptional in Kodak Luma 75 vs 150.

Kodak Luma 75 vs 150

You won’t still need a projection screen to view sharp, clear films if your walls are either monotone or neutral-colored. 

People were blown away by the bright showcase, which outperformed other tiny projections they’d seen owing to its capacity to showcase 16.7 million colors and handle a Video stream. 

The larger the display, least clear the image, thus we limited ourselves to projections of 70 to 80 inches. Whenever they examined both beside each other, the color wasn’t as vivid as an HDMI Input, although it was vivid was that it won’t look like they were losing out.

This is Simple To Install Or Use.

The brief primer leads you throughout attaching it to the Area network and downloading films, however, the installation is so simple that you won’t even need to look at it, particularly if you’re used to using Devices. Folks were logged in to Streaming services like, Hulu, Vimeo, or Disney+ in moments and watched their favorite programs as easily as turning on the TV.

It’s Very Pocketable.

You can throw this projection in the backpack and transport it wherever you want, transforming every area of the mansion a section of the back gate a temporary movie theatre. It’s also a lot more fun than binge-watching Manifestation on the Computer or smartphone.


Ques1: Is it possible to reflect an iPhone onto a projector?

To link your Android smartphone to a screen, such as a TV, projection, or video screen, you’ll need a Universal AV or VGA converter.