The best LED for halogen projector can extend the life of the halogen projectors easily. Let us see the different ways in which the life of projector lamps can be prolonged effectively. Here we will mainly focus on the halogen projectors.


How to prolong the life of a projector lamp


An important way to prolong the life of projectors is to make sure that it’s ventilated properly. Whether kept on tables or mounted on walls, the projector should have enough room surrounding them for heat to get dissipated and fanned away. This is why a projector that is flush with the room’s ceiling, mounted in corners, or in a room that does not have enough flow of air may experience premature failure of the lamp.

Air filters

Some projectors include air filters. They are designed for preventing dust from getting into the electric components and sensitive circuitry of the projectors. 

But the air filters include a catch. If they are not changed periodically or kept clean, they may accumulate dust which will result in making the lamp burn hotter. Changing or cleaning the filter must be done routinely &replacing the filter and the lamp simultaneously can save time for maintenance.

Dust collection

LED Lamps for Halogen Projectors

Another method for keeping LED projector bulbs healthy that is commonly overlooked is dust collection. As dust enters the projectors, it can slowly build up on the bulb and the module, creating hot spots on the lamp. Because of the dust, if the lamp starts burning excessively hot, it may fail earlier than it is expected to.

Here the easiest solution will be to simply use compressed air for blowing the dust out from the projector models. The more the projectors are used, the more frequently they should be cleaned.

Rapid off or on cycling

The projector lamps use ballasts for igniting the lamps at higher voltages as compared to the running voltages of the bulbs. It will take 1 minute or so before the projectors run at stable currents.

Turning the projector model off and on quickly can damage the bulb, because the vapor of mercury inside the arc tube may become stabilized. It may lead to premature failure of the lamp.

Economy mode

The latest models of projectors include an economy mode and one normal operating mode. The first mode typically uses a lower level of brightness as compared to the second one. It can prolong the longevity of the lamp. The economy mode works very well in rooms that can be darkened substantially, where the full output of light isn’t needed for projecting clear images.

The older projector models may not include this option. So, the users are advised to check the website of the manufacturer or the manual to determine if their specific model includes this feature or not.