The high maintenance cost of halogen projectors is a thing of concern for many. But now by making some wise decisions you can easily cut down on the cost. Replace the halogen bulb of your projector with the best LED for halogen projectors. This will surely reduce the maintenance cost in the following ways. 

  • Replacement Cost: One of the major advantages of using an LED lamp is that it cuts down on maintenance expenses in a big way. LED lamps are not as fragile as halogen bulbs. It does not die very frequently. When you use a halogen bulb, it is so fragile that with the slightest jerk or power fluctuation, it breaks often leading to a replacement. It even gets overheated and bursts if used for some hours at a stretch without giving it time to cool in between. So you see that there is a reoccurring maintenance cost attached to it whereas there are no such issues with LED lamps.
LED Lamps For Halogen Projectors: How To Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Duty Cycle: Replacing the halogen bulb with LED will surely reduce the maintenance cost because LED lamps have a much longer duty cycle than halogen bulbs. Some LED lamps of projectors can last for up to ten years very easily even after using the projectors for eight hours a day at a stretch.
  • Energy Consumption: Halogen bulbs of projectors consume more energy while projecting. The bulb also tends to heat up very quickly too and so it makes the inbuilt cooling fans of the projector operate to control the internal temperature. This leads to more energy consumption too. But with LED lamps you do not have to face any such issues and so there is a far lesser maintenance cost involved. 
  • Dimness: The halogen lamp also tends to dim very soon even if the filament has not broken. It consumes too much power and so uses up too much of its illuminating levels too soon too. This eventually leads to higher maintenance costs. When you replace the halogen bulb with LED it is cutting down on your cost. It maintains stability in the brightness levels of its projection for many years without needing a replacement.
  • Overheating And Explosion: There are safety concerns with halogen bulbs. Overheating leads the bulb to explode amidst a projection and also damages the projector’s lens too. This indeed increases the maintenance expenses. While you do not have to worry when you replace the halogen bulb with an LED lamp in a projector.