Both LED and DLP projectors have made their mark in the industry. While picking up the best business projectors, find out which technology amongst these two is best for business projectors.

LED vs. DLP Technology

Has a long-duty cycle.The lifespan of these projectors is not as long as that of LED projectors.
These projectors have a low cost of maintenance because the lamp generally lasts for at least twenty thousand hours. The maintenance frequency is less.The maintenance cost and frequency are much higher in DLP projectors because the lamp has five thousand hours of duty cycle. Frequent replacement is required.
The output of light is much lower in LED projectors compared to DLP. Here only up to two thousand lumens is possible.The output of light is more than LED projectors. It brings over two thousand lumens.
There is a color consistency in the LED projector.Color is inconsistent because these projectors use a color spin when which at times fails to maintain a color balance.
LED projectors have greater color accuracy especially the black levels are easily distinguishable.In these projectors, there is a lot lesser color accuracy than in LED projectors. Even the black levels appear grey and not deeper black.
The number of pixels in this projector is not as high as the DLP projector.The number of pixels is higher in these projectors and so a more clear image is projected.
These projectors are less expensive and operate silently.These projectors are more expensive than LED ones. There is a hum of the cooling fan too when it operates.

Both these technologies have their uniqueness and it depends on individual preferences. But it has also been observed that generally, LED is preferred for business projectors.