Nowadays, almost every display projection presentation held among people is equipped with projectors. Also, the markets are filled up with a variety of projector types, two such projectors are- LG hu810pw vs Epson 5050ub which are well-known for their projection profile. See more about LG hu810pw vs Epson 5050ub below.


Know about the features of LG hu810pw

lg hu810pw vs epson 5050ub

LG hu810pw is a projector that offers an appreciable visual display presentation experience to the viewers. It is a 4K projector, which avails the audience with movie- theatre level entertainment at home.

Talking about picture quality, LG hu810pw works with a dual laser light source that produces full 8.3 million pixels on the screen and leads to a true 4K resolution that is 3840 x 2160, along with a wide color gamut. The DLP display of this projector produces about 97% of the hues in the DCI-P3 color space for more realism in the image formed on the screen. The throw distance provided by the projector is being observed to be 6.1’ – 28.4’ and has a screen size of 40”- 300”.

The contrast ratio of this projector accounts to be 1,000,000:1 which helps the projector to add more texture and clarity across the on-screen picture. The brightness presented by the projector is around 2,700 ANSI lumens for the on-screen picture display. The input lag of the projector is 53ms.

The set-up and installation program of LG hu810pw is very flexible aligned with vertical keystone correction and a powerful zoom feature up to 1.6 x manual zoom. It also consists of a lens shift feature with both horizontal and vertical lens shifts.

The most exciting features are the web OS 0.5 interfaces which eliminate the requirement to search for external content sources for watching movies, shows, etc. Under the Wi-Fi range, the content can be streamed directly from built-in applications on the screen. It also provides the facility of working well with voice control such as Google Alexa or Google assistant without any remote use; users can switch adjustments like channels, volume, etc.

There are wired connections available in this projector, such as 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB inputs. Along with wired, it also consists of built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Also, for sound support, it contains a 5.0 Watts x 2 speakers facility.

Know about the features of Epson 5050ub

lg hu810pw vs epson 5050ub

Epson 5050ub is a projector-type that offers a versatile working experience along with a fabulous display presentation for the viewers. The picture quality of this projector is enhanced due to the 3-chip design along with full HDR10 color processing which leads to color accuracy and picture detail, wiping out the rainbow effect or inconsistent brightness effect. The Ultra-black technology included in Epson 5050ub uses advanced light filters to promote the dynamic contrast ratio. Continue reading to know about LG hu810pw vs Epson 5050ub.

The contrast ratio provided by the projector is seen to be 1,000,000:1 and the resolution offered by the projectors is 1080p resolution, along with pixel shifting being used to produce pixels required for 4K resolution. The throw distance of Epson 5050ub accounts to be 10.3’- 29.4’ and the screen size projected is found to be 50”- 300”. The brightness presented by this projector is 2,600 lumens. Thus, the advanced image processing helps the projector in smoothing transitions between frames eliminating color blocking issues. 

The input lag of the projector is around 27ms that is a low input lag, that makes it suitable for gaming references.

The installation program of Epson 5050ub is very flexible and easy to set up. Also, both zoom and lens shift features are included in it to align the image. So the positioning of the projector becomes easier.

It also holds good connectivity, there’s a robust array of connection options available, consisting of 2 HDMI ports and a USB port, and a PC hook-up feature.

LG hu810pw vs Epson 5050ub: Conclusion

Above mentioned features of both the projectors indicate that they hold the capacity to offer amazing cinematic display presentations for the audience, they are different from each other regarding the working technologies included and features but both the projectors put their best effort into their way in the working performance.


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