Lg Hu85la Vs Hu85ls: know about them below.

The LG HU85 laser projector range is rather amazing. They have excellent camera clarity, a short throw distance, and clever features that make them even easier to operate. When comparing the LG hu85la vs LG hu85ls, it can be difficult to tell what’s different between the two.

LG markets the HU85LA as a consumer product, whereas the HU85LS is offered as a business product. Silk white is the colour. The silver colour fabric will be placed in front of the projector.

In reality, the features, functionalities, and performance of these projectors are fairly comparable. There are a few minor distinctions between them.

Let’s take a deeper look at each projector’s characteristics. Know more on Lg Hu85la Vs Hu85ls.


Picture Quality of LG hu85la vs hu85ls

A 3-channel laser light source is used in both the LG HU85LA and the LG HU85LS to produce a high-resolution image with exceptional detail and colour accuracy. They also feature TruMotion technology, which fills in the gaps between frames to deliver the smoothest on-screen action imaginable.

Both projectors have a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, which means your image will be razor-sharp on the screen. just like a throw projector for every shot. The image will be sharp in the middle of the screen, and the edges will be slightly less sharp than the middle.

These LG projectors offer HDR10 and Dynamic Tone Mapping, which optimises the hues frame by frame. No matter what you’re watching, you’ll see colours the way they were designed to be seen on both projectors.

The projected image size LG recommends is 120 inches. However, while trying it on a different 135-inch screen, the image was a touch soft, but not every projector will be able to see that.

Smart Features of LG hu85la vs hu85ls

lg hu85la vs hu85ls

LG is, as we all know, the world’s leading television manufacturer. They’ve produced a large number of smart TVs. LG also tries to incorporate some of the smart capabilities found in their TVs into their UST smart projector.

LG Web OS is available on the LG HU85LS and LG HU85LA. You can get an alternative streaming app from there. Netflix, Plex, Roku, and YouTube, for example. In addition, their user interface is comparable to that of the LG smart TV.

 With the LG hu85ls, you will get LG ThinQ and Google Assistant. Whereas in LG hu85la, you will get Google Assistant, Alexa built-in, and ThinQ AI as voice assistant. The Magic Remote will be included in both projector boxes.

LG hu85la vs LG hu85ls: which Is better?

lg hu85la vs hu85ls

As you can see, the design and performance of both projectors are fairly similar. Both deliver a high-resolution image with excellent colour and contrast. They’re also simple to set up and use, and they can simply be linked into a smart home theatre.

Overall, we believe the LG HU85LA is the better choice when all variables are considered.

No matter which one you buy, both of these LG laser projectors will transform any room into a cinema-quality home theatre, regardless of which way you go. Read a FAQ on Lg Hu85la Vs Hu85ls.


1. Do LG hu85la and hu85ls come with a warranty?

The LG hu85la is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a global tech support staff.
The LG hu85ls is covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and has a technical support staff based in the United States.