Projectors are a device that have become a rage in the modern world. Whether it’s the business industry or social media pages, projectors flood all these areas. Determining which is the better option between Lumens Vs ANSI Lumens for your projector is crucial. Since lumen is the light unit which measures the light and brightness produced by the projector, it is important to make the right decision when choosing a new projector. Know more about Lumens Vs ANSI Lumens.


How many lumens is ANSI lumen

  • Lumen is used to measure the luminous flux of the projector. They help you determine the amount of light that can be produced by the projector. 
  • The American National Standards Institute structures the ANSI lumens due to which they are referred to as ANSI. It is measured with the help of different factors such as brightness and contrast.

Therefore, it can be said that 1000 LED lumen is equal to 417 ANSI lumens.

Is Ansi lumen same as Lumen

lumens vs ansi lumens

A common confusion people have regarding lumens vs ansi lumens is if they are similar. They are different components of measuring light even if they may sound similar. Hence, they are different.

Lumens vs ANSI lumens conversion

One of the reasons for the conversion of lumens to ANSI lumens is to determine the brightness produced by a projector. In order to perform this conversion, you have to measure the brightness of the light source directly or you can use a conversion table of unit brightness for the conversion. For instance, 120 LED lumen is equal to 50 ANSI lumen. 

ANSI lumens vs regular lumens

Regular lumens measure the luminous flux produced by the projector while ANSI lumens follow the ANSI standardisation to measure the same taking different variables into account. In the modern age, ANSI lumens are more commonly used to determine the efficiency of a projector. This is perhaps one of the major lumens vs ansi lumens differences.

Is 20 ansi lumens good for a projector

The ANSI lumens you prefer may depend mainly on the reason why you need a projector in the first place. Depending on your reason to use the projector, it may differ whether 20 ANSI lumens is good for your projector or not. 

Hence, these are some important things you have to take note of lumens and ANSI lumens regarding a projector.


1. Is there a difference between lumens and ansi lumens?

Lumens are the regular lumens used to measure the brightness produced by an artificial light source whereas ANSI lumens function according to the ANSI standardisation of measurements. 

2. Is higher or lower lumens better?

Higher lumens produce higher brightness due to which they are considered to be better than lower lumens. 

3. How bright is 500 ANSI lumens?

500 ANSI lumens is the standard amount of brightness accepted by ANSI which is considered to have good brightness.

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