Ever since their origin, projectors have been handy devices for human beings. They can be used for various purposes such as presentations and for various occasions such as conferences, discussions, seminars, and the like. The debate between lux vs lumens projector has been in existence since projectors started gaining prominence. This can be attributed to the growing use of projectors all around the world. There is no doubt that projectors are being widely used to perform various functions and the invention of these devices has been a useful addition to the working industry in general. 

Projectors hold a lot of importance in the modern world be it for informative purposes or for entertainment. You can do a lot of things if you have a projector in your organization or in your home. 


What is the best lux for a projector? 

One of the most important factors you need to consider when you are choosing between lux vs lumens projector is the brightness. Brightness is a crucial factor when it comes to buying a lux projector or a lumen projector.  In the context of projectors, several terms related to units and measurements of light such as lux, lumens, foot-lamberts, ANSI lumens, and nits are involved which may fly above your head. The first thing you need to understand is the difference between lux and lumens. 

lux vs lumens projector
  • Lumens and lux are units of light which are based on SI. Lumens is used to measure luminous flux which relates to the amount of light being produced by a light source in totality per unit of time. However, this measurement is limited to electromagnetic waves. It is additionally used to measure the light produced by a projector.
  • Lux is the unit of light which uses the surface area of a light source to measure the brightness produced by the source. In the context of projectors, lumen per sq meter is measured. It measures the incident light a surface iluminates to determine the intensity of light perceived by a human eye. Following this, it considers the effect of an area on luminous flux.

Although it may seem like both lux and lumens are similar since they are both used to measure the light’s illuminance, you have to remember that they perform this function in different contexts. Lumen considers the light sources while lux considers the area the brightness of light spreads over. 

The question that remains is between lux vs lumens projector which one is better? You may want to know what is the best lux for a projector. Since they are two different units of light, it may not be a logical thing to compare them at least in the context of projectors since they perform different functions. However, lumens may be needed more for the brightness if you want your projector to function effectively.

Is lux better than lumens?

lux vs lumens projector

A common question that revolves around a person’s mind when choosing a projector – is lux better than lumens? As mentioned above, lux and lumens are two different things. 

  • Lux is mostly concerned with measuring the brightness a light source produces mainly in the context of its surface area. 
  • Lumen is mostly concerned with measuring the brightness produced by a light source in units per time. It tests the sensitivity of the human eye towards the brightness and how it perceives the same. 

The famous debate between lux vs lumens projector is a trend in the projector industry. However, it is extremely vital to take note of the fact that both these units of light are different from one another. They perform different functions in different contexts. It is not justifiable to compare them only taking into consideration that they both are used to measure the unit of light or the brightness of a light source. 


1. Which one is better between lux vs lumen?

Lumen is used to measure the luminous flux of a light source in terms of light produced by the source per unit of time while lux is a light unit used to measure the brightness produced by the light source in the context of surface area. Since they perform different functions, they cannot be compared and it cannot be said which one is better since they are equally important. 

2. Is there a difference between lux and lumens?

Most people tend to believe that lux and lumen are the same things just because they are used to measure light. However, lumen measures light according to the unit per time while lux takes the surface area of the light produced into account. Therefore, they are different from one another.

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