During the time of the covid19 pandemic, one study has become the new normal. For this purpose, sitting in front of a screen for long hours damages eyesight. People started using the Best projector Optoma DLP Projector Review as a solution to this problem. Almost all the educational institutes started teaching their students online with the help of an art Projector. In this article, you will come to know about the same. A fair review and product description related to the Optoma DLP Projector Review are given below in the article.


Optoma dlp projector review- Buying guide

You should look for the factors mentioned below while going through the optoma dlp projector review.

  1. Projector resolution: You must buy the best projector with a high-resolution capacity.
  2. Brightness: You must choose the best projector with a moderate brightness level.
  3. Easy to install: Do not buy a projector with complex installation procedures. Always go for an easy-to-set-up type of best projector.
  4. Affordable:  You must fix a budget and get the bestprojectorfor yourself that is affordable enough to buy.
  5. Durable: You must look for the bestProjectorwith the best-built quality. This will make the projector durable and it will work for years.

Optoma dlp projector review Product Review

Optoma Dlp Projector

optoma dlp projector review

This is one of the best home projectors under budget. You can go for it if you are looking for the best home projector for watching movies, playing games, and many more. The projector is fit for both outdoor and indoor purposes. It is portable enough to carry from one place to another easily.

Description: The projector comes in all black color. The weight of the item is 6.2 pounds and its dimensions are ‎9.5 x 12.4 x 4.3 inches. The projector is from the Optoma brand. The model is the updated and latest version of February 2020. So almost all the features are seen in updated form.

Performance: The projector goes well both in indoor and outdoor corridors. It comes up with a 1920*1080 native resolution with 1080p support. Also, the screen contrast ratio of the projector is 25000:1. High display resolution and screen contrast ratio provide the best watching experience.

Comparison: The projector comes up with an enhanced gaming mode and also the connectivity features are excellent with USB, Lightening, and HDMI hardware interface. All these features are not seen in any other product at this price range.

Usage: Can be used for playing games, graphics, office projections, cartoons, movies, animations, and many more.


  • 3600 lumens of brightness
  • Ceiling mountable
  • 3-D technology


  • Problem with the adjustable rubber feet.

What’s new?

The lamp life is updated to 15,000 hours.

Why you should buy it?

Easy to set up and install. Affordable and portable. Can be used for hours and doesn’t cause any eye fatigue.

optoma dlp projector review


1. Which is the best budget projector?

If you will have a look at the optoma dlp projector review. You will conclude that it is one of the best projectors for watching movies and playing games. You can go for it as it comes up with excellent connectivity features.