Optoma uhd50 vs uhd60 are the two best projectors that you will in the market. They are two of the best high-quality 4K projectors for home theatre. The overall operations and features of both of these projectors are quite similar to each other. However, there are surely some differences between and one of them is the price disparity. This article contains all the information about optoma UHD 60 review.


Optoma 4K uhd50 vs uhd60

One of the key differences between both of these projectors is the weight and dimensions. You will find uhd50 big, while uhd60 is heavy. Customers find this quality of uhd60 not much satisfactory. The heavyweight of uhd60 makes it quite difficult to carry around or mount. There’s also a huge difference between the build of both projectors. 

Complaints related to uhd50 are mostly that it is inconsistent and rare. But there’s a huge difference when it comes to the build-up of uhd60. The build of uhd60 is massive, crappy, plastic, and heavy. Customers are afraid of dropping it or damaging it.

Optoma UHD 60 review

Uhd60 has the highest lumen rating of 3000 and also the highest contrast rating. It has a good brightness. This projector has an amazing color feature.  

optoma uhd50 vs uhd60

Optoma uhd60 price

The price of Optoma uhd60 ranges from Rs. 1,49,990 to 2,25,000. Compared to other projectors in this line, this one is quite affordable. If you are someone who loves to watch movies and shows, then this Optoma uhd60 projector is meant for your home theatre. 

Is Optoma uhd50 true 4K?

Talking about Optoma uhd50 projector’s resolution. It is a true 4K. with high quality UHD 4K resolution, Optoma uhd50 offers an amazing 8.3 million on-screen pixels, providing impressive picture quality in HD. 

optoma uhd50 vs uhd60


1. Is Optoma better than BenQ?        

Ans) Optoma projectors are better than BenQ projectors in terms of brightness and lumens. 

2. Is Optoma uhd50 3D?

Ans) Yes, Optoma uhd50 is 3D. While watching movies in-home theatre, this projector makes your experience worthwhile and an amazing one. This projector is easy to install and good in design. 

When comparing Optoma uhd50 vs uhd60, both of these projector’s prices, uhd50 is more affordable than uhd60. Uhd50 is a high-end projector of good price and build. The picture quality that this projector produces is amazing to see. The ultra HD high-quality 4K picture makes your movie experience all more brilliant. It has a one-chip system, which makes it easy to align and set up compared to other projectors. 

Some Pros of uhd50 are

  • It has an amazing resolution and high contrast ration
  • You can even choose it to play games on any consoles
  • Easy installation

Talking about the uhd60 projector, it is quite similar to the projector above. But it might just raise the question of why you should choose this one over the other. The answer is simple; this one gives you a better picture quality than the other.