These days both projectors and TVs have graduated into the conference room serving as an integral part of business meetings. Both these devices have their specialties to offer. While you choose the best business projectors, find out here between projector and TV, which is best for your conference room.

Projector vs. TV: Which Is Best For Your Conference Room?

Projector vs. TV

Projectors are smaller in size and deliver bigger images.The size of the TV is much bigger than projectors and delivers images image only according to their size.
A projector needs a clear line for projection between the machine and the screen. There cannot be any blockages in between.A TV has no such issues. The image appears on its fixed screen which is within the limitations of the TV’s frame.
You can mount a projector on the ceiling if the need arises, to get a clear projection.There is no such need for a TV. You can place it anywhere in the conference room you like.
A projector requires maintenance regularly or else it may fail during a business presentation. The lamps need to be changed frequently too.Regular dusting is enough with TVs. It does not require much maintenance, usually.
It is a budget-friendly option and consumes very less space in the room.TVs are costlier than projectors and consume more space in the room too.
A projector needs a certain amount of space in the wall for projecting an image. It can be a challenge sometimes if the conference room is small.Wall space has no role to play for a TV. It displays the image on its fixed screen.
Projectors are versatile and offer multiple connectivity options too.In TVs, you will never find as versatility and flexibility as in projectors.
Room lighting affects the display of the projector.Room lighting does not affect the display of a TV screen.
Projectors are much lightweight and portable.It is not possible to move around with TVs and are heavier than projectors.
Resolution matters a lot on the quality of the display.Generally, the resolution has not much role to play in the display of a conference room TV.

So, as you can see from the above table, both The projector and the TV have their strengths and limitations to offer. It is up to the individual to decide what works best for his conference room.