There is a huge world of entertainment that is ready to become alive with some clicks. In this digital era, devices are becoming increasingly smarter than they were a few years ago. In this regard, the best projector for camping has been incorporated with smarter functions. The portable projectors include built-in batteries for ensuring portability and mobility & to serve as alternative power sources.

Many projectors today include Android TV features for allowing video streaming, Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet, and Bluetooth for connecting to local devices. Recently, projectors that support smartphone connectivity are becoming appealing. If projectors support connection to smartphones, the odds that the users will buy that projector model are high.


Connect smartphones to your projectors via a cable

A wired connection is one of the very common smartphone–projector connections. Most projectors include an in-built port HDMI which allows the smartphones to get connected to them, through HDMI connectors. Using HDMI cables, the users can connect their devices to their projectors & stream their desired content.

The HDMI connectors will be the perfect option while transmitting digital content to receiving displays (the projectors) from a source (smartphones). Another method will be through HDMI adapters & a connection of USB type c. If your phone includes a port USB type c, you can check whether it can support screen casting to projectors through HDMI adapters.

Connect smartphones to projectors wirelessly

The wireless smartphone–projector connections need specific factors, device specifications, and features to be real. Firstly, & most importantly, the projectors will have to be smart-they must connect to Wi-Fi & include Bluetooth, Android TV features, etc. Wireless connections need advanced technologies on both sides of your connection.

R projectors don’t possess the infrastructure that can support such connections. You can stream audio content easily to the speakers of the projector with Bluetooth, or external Bluetooth speakers from the projector. Also, you will require a Wi-Fi connection to use the Android TV features of the projector.


This feature also allows users to project from their smartphones to their projectors easily. Your device includes the Google ecosystem that also includes Android in the ranks of it & gives the users a one-click option of streaming from popular apps like Netflix or Spotify. The users can even cast the screen of their Android devices on their projectors using the option of ‘Cast Screen’ in the menu of settings.

Screen mirroring or video streaming support is added by projector manufacturers to their devices. You will have to confirm if a particular projector supports wireless mirroring of the screen before you proceed to buy it. Also, you will have to ensure that your device is capable of supporting applications that will allow you to make a connection to projectors.

How to connect phones to projectors?

Smart projectors come with two ports of HDMI & other options for cable connection. For example, XGIMI projectors like HORIZON Pro include official systems of Google Android TV™, giving the users access to everything that is offered by the Google ecosystem. Let us see here how you can connect the Android devices to the XGIMI HORIZON Pro by following a few steps.

• From Google Play Store, download &install  ‘Google Home’ & connect it to the projector via Wi-Fi.

• Select the option of ‘screen mirroring’ from Google Home’s homepage.

Refer to the following steps to connect iOS devices to a projector.

• From Google Play Store, download & install the app called Air Screen via the system of Android TV™.

• Launch the app on the XGIMI HORIZON Pro.

• Now, connect to any type of iOS-enabled device (MacBook, iPad, iPhone) via Wi-Fi& use the feature of Airplay for mirroring the screen.

XGIMI HORIZON Pro includes the above-mentioned feature of Chromecast which streamlines the process of screen mirroring. To use the built-in Chromecast, follow the below instructions:

• First, connect the XGIMI projector and your device to the same network of Wi-Fi.

• Launch the Chromecast-enabled application &click on the built-in icon of Chromecast on your device.

• Select the suitable XGIMI projector & start projecting the contents you love.

Also, The HORIZON Pro includes ISA (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) technology which helps the users save time during the setup with auto obstacle avoidance, auto screen alignment, auto keystone correction, and autofocus. It also supports 4K resolution & includes MEMC that sharpens the displays with incredible resolution.


Connecting phones to projectors include numerous advantages & helps the users adapt to any type of setting. Internet connections may be tricky if you go camping, so you can project your favorite movies and shows easily from your smartphone. If you have to project content that isn’t on the Internet such as saved presentations or pictures from family events, you will need a smartphone–projector connection.