Summer is the perfect season for road trips and camping for people throughout the world. This means you & your companions will want entertainment which goes outdoors along with you. The best projector for camping is an incredible cornerstone of fun and excitement on the move as it delivers games, TV, photos, and viewing of movies on a big screen wherever you are.

Portable projectors can work perfectly as a part of rewarding and fun campsite setups which is not very tough to put together. The best part will be that these incredible portable projectors are packed with amazing features which reduce the item numbers on your to-do list of movie night setups on campsites. So, it will be very important to choose the correct portable projector, lest the users end up with a model which cuts corners & compels them to carry extra hardware when they set off on their adventures.


Benefits of portable projectors

These types of projectors can make the heart of your camp shine. These modern devices are light, bright, compact &loaded with good features. They form the main part of the campsite. A lot of models are available in the market at confusingly low prices. The users should be warned as most of these may let them down with no audio, short battery life, poor quality of image & other issues.

Good portable projectors include all these & more. So, try to search for bright and powerful projection, integrated audio, embedded apps, long life of the battery, etc. All of these features not only provide a better experience of entertainment but save the users the need to carry other devices like speakers. They will also not have to carry streaming boxes if they will be in locations with Wi-Fi.

A trending Technology among portable projectors is DLP. Its full form is digital light protection. This technology eliminates traditional and heavy components analog& delivers consistent, sharp, and bright displays using high-fidelity digital processing. It is very close to the perfection of the pixel. So, try to get DLP &avoid the basic LCD that is used by most cheap portable projectors.

Requirement for big screens

The users can certainly invest in the screens of portable projectors which may prove to be best for 100 inches or larger viewing. They can try extending the versatility of the portable projector models by getting screens. This same screen can be used for campsites as well as for movie nights in your backyard.

But honestly, any flat surfaces will be fine with good portable projectors & screens are not mandatory. The flat surface can be a van’s side or even a barn. You can also use a tent. Although these will not be as detailed as proper screens that are designed for cinematic projection, they will work just fine as the atmosphere at the campsite makes up for shortfalls of images.

Foldable screens

This type of screen for projection is not overly expensive or tough to come by. So, they can be worth your investment. Also, there are reinforcement and support frames available which the users can use for converting readily accessible items such as Canvass into screens of movies. This surely is something to note if they want to go on frequent trips camping with their projectors.

Portable Bluetooth audio

Big-screen entertainment should be matched by proper sound unless the users are biased toward silent movies. The cheap kind of projectors either omit the speakers or includes the ones which are not very impressive, to say humbly. Good portable projectors will have a high-powered and built-in subwoofer array or speaker with connectivity of Bluetooth. It means the users can get more than just the audio of movies.

They can stream sound from their phones to the projectors, with the latter one doubling as Bluetooth speakers which of course is way more powerful as compared to the sound that comes out of their smartphones. One example of a projector will is GS2 which is equipped with dual 2W speakers that can provide resounding &with this there will be no need to carry separate speakers.