There is no doubt to the fact that the projector has a role to play in different aspects of life be it at home, the office, or school. But do you know you can even connect a projector with multiple devices to share the content even at a sports venue too? It is not as tricky to do as it sounds. So, while you choose the best projector for sports, learn about the different ways for sharing the content with multiple devices.

  • Choose A Projector With Multiple HDMI Ports: These days many modern audio-visual devices are made having HDMI ports for sending sounds and pictures. Projectors too are been made having two to three HDMI inputs.

When you buy such a projector for the sports venue, you can easily connect multiple devices with it using HDMI cables and share the content very smoothly. This is one of the simplest ways for doing it.  

  • Use An HDMI Switch: Using the HDMI switch you can very easily connect different devices with a single input source. So, in case the projector does not have multiple HDMI ports then buy an HDMI switch to share content with multiple devices at the sports venues. In fact, at many sports venues, this is one of the most common methods used.

In this case, all you got to do is to connect one end of a single HDMI cable to the projector and the other end to the output of the switch. Then wire all the external devices with the input connector of the switch.

Projectors In Sports Venues

Using the AV receiver, get all the devices wired to the input of the receiver. Then all you got to do is to run a single HDMI cable into the projector for sharing the content.

  • Buy A Projector With Wireless Features: Another very good option is to buy a projector that offers wireless features. Many projectors these days have Bluetooth and Wifi features that allow them to connect to multiple devices very easily. Here all you got to do is to pair the projector with different devices and you can easily share content at the sports venue.
  • Connecting The Devices Whenever Needed: This is another less costly method of sharing the contents of a projector with multiple devices in a sports venue. Each time you require to share the content re-connect the devices with the projector accordingly. 

It works well when the projector has a single HDMI port. If all your devices support HDMI, then, just connect one end of the HDMI to the projector and the other end to the device instead of using different cables for each device.