When buying a monitor, projector, or PC, we always look at its quality, its motherboard, processor, Ram, etc. Similarly, it is necessary to look at the screen resolution so that you can enjoy your gaming experience or enjoy while watching videos on the screen on which screen resolution can give you better display quality.  The full display on your monitor can be very appealing and can also be safe for your eyes. That is why one should always prepare for a good resolution having appealing graphics and catchy saturation which will adjust the monitor and give the best experience. So, for this, it is necessary to learn and distinguish between QHD vs FHD which will help you to choose better for your monitor.

QHD: refers to a quad high-definition resolution which is one of the best display resolutions that can be found on your device. It has higher pixels than 1440p. It gives a better experience to watching video games on your monitor. The higher resolution it provides is measured in pixels and higher pixels give you a better experience while watching anything you want. The higher pixel density is very important for watching clear and sharper images and text. There are many horizontal and wide screens that require QHD and its extended version WQHD. These versions are known to be the best because it is ultra-HD and has amazing pictures, images, graphics, and an eye-catching experience for all the viewers. The QHD provides better image quality and the highest screen resolution. You can get the best QHD version on your mobile phone as well as the PC monitors and the wide screen requires QHD for better visuals. Thus, you will see that videos and graphics will reach another level.

qhd vs fhd

FHD refers to full high definition and it is one of the standardized resolutions for most monitors and televisions, that is HD TV. It is mostly found in TVs, laptops, computer monitors, and smartphones. FHD is one of the common ones which can be seen on televisions at home and one can also play video games on the screen resolution. But QHD is superior to FHD as the quality of QHD is far better than FHD. That is why people always distinguish between QHD vs FHD and always QHD comes superior to FHD.


Understand better about QHD vs FHD

The resolution of QHD is far more in pixels than the FHD so this simply implies that the QHD has noticeable sharper and clearer graphics due to the higher resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the image quality and it appears more appealing to the viewers. But mostly QHD is preferred and used nowadays on mobile phones and computers. QHD is preferred for big monitors and wide screens because it can display the images by creating a clear picture on those monitors which enhances the clarity and gives a better experience while watching videos or while playing games. The QHD quality is superior to the FHD because better color representation is observed there and the images and videos are detailed due to the high resolution.


QHD has more screen pixels so it becomes easier to work with multiple Windows on touch screens. We can imply that QHD gives more comfort and convenience as well as a better experience. It gives a lot of optimization options and eases various workloads. So, one can work or perform without having to sacrifice the image quality as it is going to be the best because of the high pixels present in QHD. QHD can give you a better workspace which makes it easy to multi-task and people working for various highly qualified professions where there is a need for multitasking prefer QHD. QHD helps you to see various contents on a single screen without the images and text appearing too small.

QHD vs FHD for projectors

Projectors are large screens where the images are projected onto an external screen. Projector resolution is also an important feature when choosing the right device for your needs. It is necessary to check how the images will be displayed on a projector so that whenever you use a projector it can give you clear pictures and graphics to enhance your experience. Choosing a projector’s resolution is an important aspect. It is also the image width and height because the image projected on it must appear better and should not irritate the eyes.

qhd vs fhd

FHD gives full HD resolution and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This aspiration is also comfortable for projector resolution and gives maximum resolution to adjust the picture and to give clearer graphics. High resolutions provide greater display but are known to use more power which is why it is necessary to get more powerful processors. Such processors can accommodate QHD and can give you the best results. If one is more interested in saving the battery of their device then FHD gaming monitors are a good option, as they drain less battery as compared to the QHD. QHD has more resolution which is known to drain more battery and requires more power. So, if you want a convenient option then FHD is worth the choice.

For gaming purposes, QHD stands to be the best as games have heavy graphics and images which are of high resolution and give an immersible experience while playing games. Thus, you must prefer QHD. The benefit of gaming or watching videos on QHD is that it makes your experience more enjoyable and you can watch for a longer period without eye strain. This is because it is made in such a manner that is user-friendly and gives a better experience.


1. Why is FHD better for saving power?

FHD is known to have good resolutions but not too high resolutions. Higher resolution requires more power to accommodate the pixels so FHD is convenient as compared to high resolution like QHD.