Both a short throw projector and a long throw projector have their uniqueness and benefits to offer. To help you decide either on the best short throw projector or long throw projector read the advantages they have to offer. 

Short Throw Projectors vs. Long Throw Projectors 

Short Throw ProjectorsLong Throw Projectors
These projectors have a throw ratio of 0.4 to 1 and so are meant to be placed within three to eight feet away from the screen.These projectors have a greater throw ratio and so are meant to be placed further away from the screen. 
Short throw projectors are used primarily for classroom and boardroom meetings. They can also be used for home viewing purposes too.Movie theaters use a long throw projector. it can also be used in homes too.
These projectors are compact and smaller in size. It can be attached to the ceilings too.Although these projectors too are small in size but are generally not attached to ceilings. 
Because this projector needs to be placed closer to the screen so, a shadow does not fall on the screen whenever there is any movement in the room.These projectors are placed far away from the screen and so any movement from the front of it makes a shadow appear on the screen.
The short throw projector is ideal for Indoor use.Long throw projectors can be used for outdoor viewing too.
This projector is more suitable if you havea cramped space.These projectors are more relevant for large room spaces.
Short throw projectors are a little costlier.Long throw projectors are more budget friendlier. 
Short Throw Projectors vs. Long Throw Projectors: Which One Is Right For You?

As you can see that both these projectors have their unique purposes and benefits to offer. So, the choice of both these two projectors depends on individual needs.