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Simonis 760 vs 860 comparisons shall help you to understand the differences between these two ranges of tablecloths for the pool table. Learning in-depth about them is sure to help you to choose the perfect one to meet your requirements. Know more about Simonis 760 vs 860 below.

About Simonis 760 vs 860

Simonis happens to be the name of the textile mill company that only makes fabrics for a billiard table, snooker, and carom. This company is the oldest and the largest one in the billiard industry. They are famous for making premium quality cloth ranging in different styles and colors. This company is situated in Verviers, Belgium, and has experience of more than three centuries. Know more about Simonis 760 vs 860 in the next part.

Their craftsmen have always given the prime focus on the fabric to ensure that the players may have an accurate and consistent play. This is the reason why they prefer to weave cloth made of wool and nylon. The distinctiveness of their product cannot be matched or duplicated by any other company, and this makes them truly special.

simonis 760 vs 860

Simonis 760

This is the fastest pool table cloth manufactured by the company. The fabric of the material consists of 70% wool and 30% nylon. It is even faster by 10% than Simonis 860. This is largely used in competitive tournaments and in games such as bank pool, straight pool, traditional 8 and 9-ball pool, and in one pocket as well.

The best thing about it is that it maintains its speed and accuracy even after aging. It has also been nicknamed, ‘The Original Worsted Blend’, having 15 colors to it. To make the best use of this pool table cloth it is advised to pair it with pool balls by Aramith. These balls have been made using pure phenolic resin that gives them a hard composition that is heat resistant. Neither do they degrade quickly nor do they generate friction between the ball and the cloth. So, this never leaves a mark or a burn on the pool table cloth.


  • Has 70% of wool and nylon of 30%
  • Oz 21
  • A bit faster than Simonis 860
  • It is absolutely nape-free (no shedding, fluffing, or pilling)
  • It is perfect for high-speed play
  • Has an assurance to last long

Simonis 760 comes in three size ranges such as 7ft, 8ft, and 9 ft as well. And each of these sizes has multiple colors on its storefront.

Simonis 860

This is a pool tablecloth of a professional grade. It is also known as the ’Standard for Pool.’ Being excellent for ball action, it is used in every professional tournament all over the world. Its fabric has a blend of 90% of wool and 10% of nylon. This combination of its fabric makes it to be a perfect one for lasting longer.

simonis 760 vs 860

This table cloth has been made especially for playing 9-ball and makes it appropriate to be used for home games as well.  Even though the speed of the ball is slower on it than the 760 cloth but having the high wood content, it maintains a better combating rate of ball burns than the 760 cloth. It has 27 colors available to it and pairs best with the Aramith pool balls.


  • Has been made of 90% wool and 10% nylon
  • Oz is 23 (which is 0.87kg)
  • It is a little slower than 760
  • Completely nap-free

Simonis 860 has three sizes to it which are, 7 ft., 8 ft., and 9 ft. You can find multiple colors for each of them as well.

Table of comparison: Simonis 760 vs 860

StyleWorsted threadWorsted thread
Blend30% nylon and 70% wool90% wool and nylon 10%
Thread Per In177 (thinly woven)177

Simonis 760 vs 860: FAQs

1. I have a table size of 88×44. Shall it fit?

Yes, it shall surely fit. It means your table size is 8 ft. If you buy the cloth that measures 8 feet, you shall have enough cloth to cover the bed and the rails of your pool table too.

2. Will I be able to get dark green color for my table?

Yes, you certainly can have a dark green color. There is a various range of colors that you can choose from.

3. Does this tablecloth need professional help while putting it on the table?

Yes, you shall require professional help while putting it on the table, or else you shall find it is done all by yourself. This cloth does not stretch easily like most other brands. If you wish to do it by yourself, it is recommended that you check with Google for any specific method of doing so.