Projectors are devices that help display images, project videos, and slides of presentations onto a screen. There are many uses of projectors right from educational to entertainment purposes. They have always been a part of classrooms and corporate meeting rooms, but with newer and cheaper technology many people now you projectors for personal use in their home theatre systems as well. You can play video games, project recipes in front of you while cooking, project menus at your restaurant, project fancy art to up the look & feel of your house and so much more!


Best outdoor projector for daytime use

People have always believed that a projector has best for viewing only in the dark inside a home theatre system or when camping under the stars. This is not true anymore as there are high-quality powerful projectors available today that make daytime viewing just as enjoyable and wholesome. Let’s look at some of the best daytime viewing projectors up for gran in the market today:

uses of projectors
  1. The Yaber V2 wifi mini portable projector comes in full HD 1080p for wireless projection. This small yet powerful projector is ideal for use in daylight that comes with an act screen that has the latest innovative converging tech.
  2. Poner Saund 6800 lumens LCD projector is also a great option. It is available at a very affordable price inclusive of a 100-inch projector screen as well. With a contrast ratio of 8000:1, it gives a brilliant output.
  3. NEC corporation NP-PA803U. This luxury 4K projector comes at 8000 lumens and undoubtedly has unparalleled quality.

How to use a projector as a tv?

Simple steps to follow if you wish to use your projector as a tv:

  1. Set up the projector in your regular process and keep your HDMI port free in case it’s occupied by some other input.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to your projector
  3. Connect the other end of your HDMI cable to your Tb’s set-top box, cable, or streaming device.
  4. Connect the projector to a sound system. These could be external speakers to your room’s sound system.
  5. If you’re using a cable or set-top box then you have to wait a bit while the device configures the programming information and searches for available channels on air.
  6. If you’re on a streaming device make sure the latest version of the app is downloaded and installed.
  7. That’s it! You’re all set to start viewing TV on your projector.

Best projector for daylight viewing

The Goodee projector is the most ideal projector for daylight viewing. It strikes the perfect balance between good features and affordability. It’s a great lightweight and portable 1080p projector that gives an output of 6700 lux- very similar to the more expensive models and a very good contrast ratio of 7000:1 as well. Google is a complete package with great speakers and is very well suited for daylight as well.

uses of projectors

How to use a projector outside during the day?

To be able to properly use a protector outside during the day you will have to ensure that the projector can emit 3000+ lumens minimum. This level of brightness is necessary to see clear images. Listed below are some more useful tips to consider for daytime viewing:

  • Choose the right time of the day, it shouldn’t be too sunny.
  • Clean your screen for a spotless and smooth viewing
  • Make sure your projector has a strong reflective display
  • Create some share in your garden to block excess sunlight
  • Attach an adequate sound system for a complete experience.