See Vava Chroma vs Vava 4k review below.

In Vava Chroma vs Vava 4k, the specs are almost the same. The features that come up with these two projectors are most suitable in the case of home theatres. Based on the advanced technology and value, the new Vava Chroma will seem to be a better choice but the Vava 4k also works exceptionally well according to its price range.

Difference of Vava Chroma vs Vava 4k

vava chroma vs vava 4k
  • Model– If a user finds a lot of similarities between Vava Chroma and Vava 4k, he should not be surprised at all. The Vava Chroma is an updated and advanced version of Vava 4k which was released in 2021, 2 years later after the release of Vava 4k. As a model, Vava Chroma gets an advantage here.
  • Colour Performance– Vava Chroma also wins in this category. Initially, when Vava 4k was released, it came up with cutting-edge technology based on ALDP 3.0 laser light source. The new Vava Chroma however is provided with an ALDP 4.0 3-light channel source that helps in a more precise and better display of colour.
  • Smart Features- In Vava Chroma vs Vava 4k, the latter one only comes with an Android operating system and a user can only download apps from its Aptoide store. Vava Chroma provides a much better option in this case. It comes with an in-built Alexa voice control function that makes it very easy and interesting to operate. Thus, in comparison between Vava Chroma vs Vava 4k, the former is clearly the winner.
  • Connectivity- In this category, Vava 4k gets a notch ahead of Vava Chroma. While the updated version of Vava 4k comes with 3 HDMI inputs which are more than most of the other projectors offer along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it lacks one vital feature that Vava 4k provides. Along with its 3 HDMI inputs, it comes with an RCA input that makes it compatible with connecting older content sources. However, if we speak of Jgmo U2 vs Vava Chroma, the former will emerge as the winner in this case too.  
  • Price Range- The Vava 4k gets a major advantage in this category too. Although Vava Chroma undeniably provides better features, it comes at a higher range. On the other hand, the price of Vava 4k comes at a much decent price and the features that it provides to the users are also good enough and more than justify its price tag. On comparing Vava Chroma vs Jgmo u2, the latter one comes at an even more high price range.


1. What are the pros and cons of Vava 4k?

The positive side of Vava 4k comes with its 4K resolution with high contrast, a wide variety of connection options, and a value for money projector. The negative part of this projector is the colour contrast which is not that good and does not contain the feature of in-built voice control.