See review of Wemax Dice Vs Xgimi Halo.

Everyone knows that carrying a projector that weighs around 50 pounds isn’t fascinating at all! Yes, you get it right. All the home theatre projectors that you come across weigh around 50 pounds. But there are portable projectors as well. And when switching to the portable ones, you make your way to entertainment even when you are all set to leave for your journey.

Compact projectors present you with a packed version of amazing entertainment. The competition of compact projectors between wemax dice vs xgimi halo is a tough one! In their race of being packed, easy to carry and convenience, both of them give a tough competition to each other.


Wemax dice vs xgimi halo: Comparison in terms of sound quality

Both of these projectors have got good sound quality and 10-watt speakers with them. If you are a fan of movies and shows, wemax dice is a good option to go with. They have got a reasonable sound quality and clarity when it comes to dialogues. And when we talk about Xgimi halo, they have more clarity in their speakers. They play the sound of your content with more clarity. So when you choose one of them based on their sound clarity, xgimi halo is not going to disappoint you in any way.

Different features make them attractive!

Picture quality differences of wemax dice vs xgimi halo are what you would be really curious to know! So here’s detailed info on this. Projectors are often known for their amazing picture quality and giving you that perfect theatre feel. The Wemax dice has got a wide HD image resolution for you. It has been designed with an exclusive DLP display. This presents the viewer with stunning picture quality and contrast as well. It also helps you play all kinds of content on your home theatre, including what a 4k projector could play for you. So, they have got amazing content available for you.

When talking about xgimi halo in terms of picture quality and contrast, it is a bit dull when compared with wemax dice. The point here to be noted is that the picture detailing for both of these projectors is nearly the same. But it does not have vibrant coloured images as wemax dice. So, when you compare wemax dice vs xgimi halo in terms of quality of contrast and colour in pictures, wemax dice is likely to win the hearts.

Xgimi halo vs wemax dice

When you think of choosing one, you have to look deep into the factors you are thriving for. If you are going to choose one from wemax dice vs xgimi halo based on what’s lighter, you need to read collectively about their weights. This projectors weigh around 4 to 5 pounds. This makes them absolutely easy to carry. You can easily fit any of this projector in your backpack or your suitcase when you are leaving for something exciting and want a home theatre feel on the go. They have the feature of a built-in battery in them.

This makes it perfect for the camping excursions that you plan with your friends. XGIMI Halo is no different than this. It also weighs around somewhat the same. It is also lightweight just as wemax dice is. It covers a really small area when placed. Also, it has been encased by reliable material and manufactured with hidden lenses in them which makes them resistant to any kind of damage while they are being carried by you.  So, when you think of choosing one between wemax dice vs xgimi halo, if you love travelling and carrying them along with you, xgimi halo would be considered a better option.


1. Which one of them has got more smart features?

Wemax dice has been developed with the 9.0 android version. So it has entire access to google play with add ons like disney+, amazon prime and many more. It also has a google assistant feature in it which helps you with the sound control system.
Xgimi Halo has the same features but is a step ahead of Wemax dice. With all these features mentioned above, it also has Netflix for you, which wemax dice does not have in its list of features.