When you will go shopping for projectors you will get confused by the variety they offer. Projectors have got upgraded so much in the past few years that now you shall find a different projector meant for different purposes. You can find a regular projector which is meant for work and a projector for home theater too. In the best projector for home, you will find many features that make viewing in the home environment a sublime experience. Are both the home theater projector and regular projector the same? No. Check out the differences between a regular projector and a home theater projector.

Differences Between A Home Theater Projector And A Regular Projector

Factors Of DifferencesHome Theater ProjectorRegular Projector
Resolution And BrightnessHas a high-resolution building immersive experience. These projectors basically have the 4K resolution.Has great brightness levels but lacks resolution.
Throw RatioNormal throw ratio.Regular throw ratio just like the home theater projector. The throw ratio hardly matters because both these projectors function between some specific dimensions of the rooms.
Ratio Of ContrastHigh contrast ratio as it is used in dark rooms. It reflects the darker and bolder tones with accuracy.Low contrast ratio because it is used for business purposes. The only exceptional reason for having high contrast ratio is when you are projecting an ad campaign.
Options For InputHDMI cables, VGA, DVI, and USB its options for input.Same options for input as the home theater projector such as HDMI cables, USB, and VGA.
Ease In UsageEasy to use but has multiple features to enhance the viewing experience. Setting it up also takes a little more time.Simple features and easy to use. It is quicker to set up.
LumensHigh lumens for a great visual experience. Sometimes these projectors have over 3000 lumens too.Have an average range of lumens because not many lumens are required for business use.
Refresh RateA high refresh rate is essential for efficiently changing between the screens.The refresh rate has not much role to play so it is regular.
PortabilityPortability is hardly required because it is sued mostly for home viewing purposes.These projectors are lightweight and portable making them easier to carry.
ResolutionHigh resolution to give the best viewing experience.Resolution hardly plays a role here so regular resolution.
Aspect RatioThe aspect ratio refers to the width of the projected image. For home viewing purposes the aspect ratio needs to be high so it has a 16:9 ratio.Not much of an aspect ratio is needed so, it brings a ratio of 4:3.