A projector is a device that projects images from the machine onto a surface. This surface is usually a screen but getting a screen home can be a hassle and therefore you must be thinking what can I use as a projector screen instead of the regular ones? So let’s get to it:


What can you use as a projector screen?

Any projector will need a proper background or screen to be able to display images properly. For best results, the background surface must be smooth and flat without any decor. Light-coloured backgrounds will work better than darker colours, white being ideal, as something pale but bright will prevent images from getting washed out.

what can i use as a projector screen
  1. A blank wall

A blank wall is the easiest most obvious screen choice, a simple bare well will do the trick. This is the most cost-effective solution and as a wall has no size limits you don’t have to worry about your image getting cut out. Make sure to use smooth walls and not textured or painted walls.

2. Sheet

The next option is something we all have at our homes. A simple bed sheet. This is also a very cheap alternative for a projector screen. A sheet is also a great option when travelling as it is light and can be easily folded and packed. Just bear in mind that your sheet is of a higher thread count which means that it will be thick and won’t light let pass easily. This will give you sharper clearer images. The colour of the sheet is also important to go for a plain white sheet without any prints or patterns.

3. Wrapping paper

This is another item we may find lying around in our home easily. Pick a thick and resilient wrapping paper with a glossy white finish. Attach the wrapping paper to a cardboard frame to make your screen more sturdy.

What can be used as a projector screen?

Let’s explore some options we can easily use as screen alternatives

1. Shades

Window shades are also very good projector screen alternates. Roll-down shades are the best option and can also keep your room dark while displaying the images. Always pick white and grey tones for the window shade.

2. Blackout cloth

Blackout cloth is the best material one can use for a DIY projector screen. This material is particularly made to block light out making it the perfect choice for displaying images. This material is also thick so you don’t have to worry about any wear and tear or the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

3. Projector screen paint

This is probably the most expensive option on the list but also the best. This paint can be applied to all sorts of materials like plastic, cardboard and even your wall. There are a variety of colours and glosses available but our recommendation would be a white colour paint with a matte finish.

what can i use as a projector screen

What can I use instead of a projector screen?

Here’s a list of things that you never imagined could be used as makeshift projector screens. Let’s look at some of those options below:

1. A shower curtain

Yes! You read that right. Any ordinary shower curtain can be used as a projector screen. Try and find something white and matte for the best picture quality as it will not cause any glare while the projection.

2. A Garage Door

A white garage door is the best alternative for projector screens especially if you are setting up for a large outdoor party and movie nights are always fun outdoors.

3. A cardboard painted white

This is a perfect low-cost and low-maintenance option for everyone. It is white colour cardboard can be fixed anywhere and it’s always advisable to go for a matte finish one for the best picture quality.


1. What can you use for projector screen?

You’d be surprised as to how many simple, regular things present around us can be used as projector screen alternatives:

2. The outside of your very home?

Wall exteriors made of stucco and plaster make an awesome projector screen alternative. The side of all-white houses is also big for large crowds to enjoy a good viewing experience.

3. A-side of a big white car?

This option is especially important when a plan comes up out of nowhere and you have nothing around to make a protector screen. If you have a portable projector screen and good company, your white car will suffice for a fun movie time

4. A photo backdrop?

Just use a photo backdrop that is white in colour and with a finished edged and a matte non-reflective plain so that light cannot shine through it and you can perfect projection.