The Purpose For A Projector

A projector is indeed a very useful device no matter whether you are using it for official purposes or personal use. Are you aware of what does a projector do? Learn everything about it here and also about the purposes for which you can use a projector.

The Job Of A Projector

A projector happens to be a technological output device that projects an image from the television, gaming system or computer over a screen. It filters the light and shines through its small lens. This lens is transparent and projects the images on the screen.

The Purpose Of Using A Projector

  • It is used for projecting PowerPoint Presentations while a business meeting is on.
  • In a classroom, a projector is a very useful teaching aid.
  • Connecting it to a computer or television enables you to watch a movie on the big screen.
  • In a convention center, it is used for product or service demos.
  • It gives a new appearance to the house.


  • Brightness: Brightness happens to be the main aspect of a projector. The measurement of brightness in a LED projector is through its ANSI lumens. The more lumens it has, the brighter the light shall be. In case your projector is low in lumens then you will see the picture it displays clearly, only in a dark room. When the outside source of light is brighter than the projector’s light, it cuts the image making it difficult to visibility. A projector that brings between two thousand to three thousand lumens, is the perfect one to be used outdoors.
  • Ratio Of Throw: To have the perfect size of the image the ratio of throw needs to be appropriate too. The distance of the throw is measured between the projector and the screen. Based on this parameter you can choose different projectors such as:
  • Short Throw: It throws between a range of three to eight feet. It is the most versatile option that you can choose.
  • Standard Throw: It is best used for larger images and so this type of projector is mounted on the ceilings of big rooms.
  • Ultra-Short Throw: The distance this projector is capable of capturing is between zero to four feet. it is best suited to be used in small spaces.
  • Ratio Of Aspect: It measures the screen or the width and height of the projected image.
  • Contrast: It measures the difference between the darkest and the lightest pixel appearing on the screen. A greater contrast will bring a clearer picture of having distinct colors.

Laser Projector

Laser projectors bring a far greater experience than LED projectors. In laser projectors, you will find the brightness that lasts long with greater contrast and color than LED projectors. Even the LED lights which are used in the laser projectors are brighter and do not get heated too easily. This projector even uses a lesser amount of electricity too. Another great advantage that you get from an LED projector is that it is lightweight, making it easier to carry. Surely, LED projectors are more high-end and have a greater advantage over LCD projectors.