The Work Of A Projector

Projectors are very common optical devices that come in great use. Right from its need in board room meetings to classroom lectures, the right kind of projector proves to be very handy. Be it for multitasking or single-use, people use projectors for different reasons. Read this article to know more about what is the main purpose of a projector. It will give you good clarity about the multiple ways that you can use it.

The Main Purpose Of Having A Projector

The purpose of a projector is depended on the type of projector you are buying. There are multiple applications of a projector. A few of these have been discussed below.

  • Home Theatre Projectors: In this type of projector two thousand lumens of brightness is guaranteed. It also has an aspect ratio of 16:10 and 16:9 for a widescreen pc. The variety in the aspect ratios is meant for covering the different screen sizes. It also has a variety of ports for connecting to the home theater very comfortably. Along with playing movies, these projectors are also used for streaming games too.
  • Vintage-Business Projectors (Non-Portable): This comes in great use for business purposes. It is used for video and audio-visual conferencing. Usually, these are quite heavy and are fixed to the overhead ceilings. Since these are vintage models so, you can also use them for making color photocopies too.
  • Pico Business Projectors (Portable): This projector comes with having LED lamp. This lamp has a life of thirty thousand to sixty thousand hours and is more compact in nature just like tablets. These projectors weigh less than two kilograms and so you can easily carry them in your pockets too. The biggest advantage of it is that it is small, mobile, and lightweight making it very easy to carry. This is why this projector is a preferred choice for businessmen.
  • Classroom Projectors: It is the overhead projector meant for enterprises and classrooms. In many schools, this projector is used for meetings, announcements, sharing notes, making presentations, conducting slide shows, and for various other reasons. It has a brightness between two thousand to three thousand lumens making it much brighter than projectors for home theaters. It is easy to install and weighs moderately too.
  • Professional Projectors For Theaters: In this projector, a frame of quick succession is possible stimulating it to twenty-four frames each second. This is why it is best suited for motion pictures in the theater. These projectors are very stable and there is a low rate of failures too. It is also intuitive, user-friendly, and strong too.
  • Advertising Projectors: These projectors have dual or multiple lights which are very bright. This is the reason why these projectors are best suited for displaying billboards or advertisements. Using these projectors you can display ads and posters over the screens or walls.