As you are following what projector works in daylight, you certainly shall be having the knowledge of how many lumens your projector needs to have and many other details.

What projector works in daylight?

It is certainly a myth that projectors can operate perfectly only in dark rooms. No, projectors can surely work perfectly well under the bright sunlight outdoors too. You certainly shall find many such projectors in the market that work perfectly well under the bright daylight outdoors. One such projector is BIGASUO Pro302 Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector which you can find on Amazon US.

what projector works in daylight

The important factor that you must consider while buying a projector for the day time use is its brightness that is measured in lumens.  This is a general rule for buying the projectors for daytime use; the more lumens the projector of yours have, the brighter shall be the images that are displayed through it.

What is the work of lumens?

Having the support of the lumens, the projector can measure the visible light that is required from the light source. Lux is the total measurement of light. So, to project under full daylight outdoors, a decent projector that can generate 500 lumens will be able to work perfectly well under bright daylight. Such projectors make at least 50% parity with the daylight. But having said that, indeed the time of the day and the location matter too when thinking of projecting outdoors because each time of the day has a different range of light from the sun and each location has its own space for the light progression.