Projector And Its Support With Images

When you are buying a projector, it is important that you know about the image it forms. It is important because, by it, you will be able to decide on the surface area over which the image shall be projected. Not all surface areas are perfect for the projection of the images. So, as you read this article on what type of image is formed by a projector? things shall become easier for you to understand.

The Type Of Image Formed By A Projector

In a projector, a convex lens is used and so it produces a magnified, inverted, and real image. Unless the image is real, it shall not be possible for the projector for projecting it on the screen. The images also appear inverted in a projector and this is why when you put in the slides you have to do it upside down.

How Images Are Formed

What Type Of Image Is Formed By A Projector?
  • Magnified Images: In a slide projector, a convex lens is used. It is the same lens that is used in a magnifying glass. Since the images in it are virtual, magnified, and upright so, the object must either be at or within the radius of the focal length. The convex lens helps to magnify the image to a larger size while the image is projected.
  • Real Images: Real images are created through the actual light rays. This is the reason why such images are always inverted in nature. Another aspect is that it can also be either smaller or larger than the actual object.
  • Virtual Images: The image that appears over the mirror is virtual. In it, the light rays seem to emit from a source that is not present. This is why virtual images appear erect always. They can also be smaller or bigger than the real object.

How The Images Are Projected By A Projector

With the use of light, an image projector delivers the image on the screen. Mostly, the projectors work through the process of shining the light across a transparent lens into forming an image. But these days, laser projectors are also made too which directly project the image making use of laser technology.  There is also a projector called the retinal projector that uses the virtual mode for retinal display. Through an external projected screen in this projector, the image is directly projected over the retina. 

It must also be kept in mind that the projectors are capable of adapting toward reversing an image for the accommodation of mirrors and different objects. But whatever it may be, the image has to be real for the projector to project it over the screen. The clarity of the image is depended on the lens it uses. There are three varieties of lenses available for projectors which are doublet, singlet, and triplet lenses. The triplet lens creates superior-quality visuals.